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  2. Journalist Maxim Shevchenko released a film about Shies after participating in a mass anti-garbage rally in Syktyvkar

Journalist Maxim Shevchenko released a film about Shies after participating in a mass anti-garbage rally in Syktyvkar

Screenshot from Maxim Shevchenko's video report

On November 14, Moscow journalist Maxim Shevchenko published a 25-minute video report about Shies on his YouTube channel. He came to the site of the frozen landfill construction and talked with local activists.

On November 9, Maxim Shevchenko participated in a mass anti-garbage rally in Syktyvkar. As part of this trip, he went to station Shies, where he spent one day and recorded a 25-minute first-person video report. He spoke with activists, who were on duty at the checkpoint to observe the events at Shies, and with a representative of the Shies Information Center. Oleg Mikhailov, the Deputy of the State Council of the Komi Republic, member of the Communist party faction, became the main speaker in Shevchenko’s video.

— Even one day was enough to understand the full scope of lawlessness and arbitrariness of the ruling elite, which does not care about people’s opinions and wishes. The people know as well as the authorities what to do with waste. And I am ready to explain to the authorities why it is not necessary to turn the clean land into a source of dirty garbage income, — Shevchenko announced the film on the YouTube channel.

Shevchenko’s video has had a little more than 50 thousand views and 1200 comments within three days after the publication.

In Syktyvkar, the capital of the Komi Republic, a mass rally against the landfill at Shies was held on November 9. According to various reports, it was attended by 2 to 5 thousand people. In addition to residents of Komi and Arkhangelsk Oblast, the rally was attended by blogger Ilya Varlamov and journalist Maxim Shevchenko. The latter made a speech, supporting Shies defenders, at the rally .

The landfill for Moscow garbage at station Shies in Arkhangelsk Oblast began to be built in July 2018. It is located 100 km from Syktyvkar. Residents of Komi and Arkhangelsk Oblast united against the construction, regularly hold actions and organized termless protests in 24 settlements («bessrochka», or protest gatherings in the central squares, which activists do not want to stop until they achieve their goal, demanding to stop works at Shies).


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