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  2. In the Ust-Vym district of Komi, the police conducted preparatory work for the possible closure of the Pereprava post of Shies defenders

In the Ust-Vym district of Komi, the police conducted preparatory work for the possible closure of the Pereprava post of Shies defenders

Dmitry Stepanovsky, photo by the author
Activists at the Pereprava post

At the Pereprava (Russian word for «waftage») post, where opponents of the landfill construction at Shies are on duty, the police measured the area of the post. Before that, the police demanded to remove the trailer and the greenhouse from the site that had been allegedly illegally occupied by activists, this was reported on October 28 by the defenders of Shies to "7x7".

Eco-activists’ Pereprava post is located near the village of Madmas in the Ust-Vym district of the Komi Republic. The opponents of the construction of landfill for Moscow garbage at Shies monitor the equipment, which is transported across the Vychegda river, round the clock there.

On October 28, an employee of the Ust-Vym district administration came to the post. She walked around the area near the post, asked about the buildings and told activists that "this was not a check, but just a survey of the land plot."

In an hour, there was information in social networks that police officers were looking in the settlement of Zheshart for witnesses for sealing up of the trailer which was on the Pereprava post. At 18:00, the police and several people out of uniform arrived at the post. They measured the distance from the buildings to the high-voltage power line with a tape measure. In the video broadcast, which the activists conducted on vk.com, the police can be heard saying that they "finished carrying out the protocol of inspection of the scene." The Department of Internal Affairs of the Ust-Vym district refused to comment on actions of the police officers to the activists and asked to address in a press-service. 

Three days before, the police came to the post several times, copied the passport data of the activists and demanded to remove the trailer and the greenhouse, referring to Article 7.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences («Unauthorized Occupation of a Land Plot»). Otherwise, the police promised to remove them themselves.

A similar trailer with activist Viktor Koshman inside was sealed up on April 20, 2019. He was hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

Construction of the landfill from Moscow and Moscow Oblast began at station Shies in Arkhangelsk Oblast in the summer of 2018. Residents of two regions — Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic — united against the construction of the facility, held dozens of protests and organized an eco-watch — the duty in the camp next to the construction site. Participants of the eco-watch fix violations during the construction process.

Russian President Vladimir Putin asked to study public opinion about the construction of the landfill for Moscow garbage at station Shies. Almost all residents of Arkhangelsk Oblast spoke out against this project, about a half of them declared their readiness to participate in protests.


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