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  2. The Supreme court of Komi halved the fine of Shies defender for picketing in support of another fined activist

The Supreme court of Komi halved the fine of Shies defender for picketing in support of another fined activist

Maria Gavrilova

The Supreme court of the Komi Republic reduced the administrative fine to resident of the village of Vylgort Tatyana Tretyakova to 10 thousand rubles. On September 18, the community of the human rights organization Public Verdict reported this. Earlier, the court fined her for 20 thousand roubles for the action in support of another activist fined in the village of Ust-Kulom.

On July 4, 2019, Tatiana Tretyakova held a one-person picket at the district community center in the village of Ust-Kulom. She decided to raise money for the fine of civil activist Antonina Parshukova, whom the court had fined for 10 thousand roubles for organizing a picket against landfill construction at station Shies in Arkhangelsk Oblast, with a poster against the decisions of the courts in relation to "ecocide fighters". For some time, the two women stood at the square together, the police and then the court regarding this as a violation of Part 2 of Article 20.2 of the Code of administrative offences of the Russian Federation ("Procedure for holding of public events").

The Supreme court of Komi, having considered the complaints of Andrey Ivashev, the representative of the eco-activist, and lawyer of the Public verdict Ernest Mezak on September 18, halved the amount of the fine for Tretyakova. Now she must pay off 10 thousand rubles to the state. Lawyers of the Public verdict intend to appeal this decision to the European court of human rights.

"There are no circumstances that can justify in the European court of human rights, where the complaint will be filed by Tatiana Tretyakova, a huge (for the depressive Komi hinterland) fine for a microscopic picket in a small village," Ernest Mezak’s commentary on the case was quoted on the page of the Public verdict in the social network.

It became known about the construction of the landfill for garbage from Moscow and Moscow Oblast at station Shies near the village of Urdoma on the border of Arkhangelsk Oblast and the Komi Republic in the summer of 2018. Residents of the two regions have united and are holding protests against the import of garbage to Shies. In December 2018, opponents of the landfill construction organized a round-the-clock watch and observe the actions of the builders.

The builder of the landfill, company Technopark, officially announced the termination of work on the construction site from June 15 and the beginning of examinations and inspections. The equipment was partly taken from Shies, but eco-activists have not decamped and continue to monitor the territory. On September 15, Shies defenders announced that they had united into a commune to preserve natural environment on the territory.


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