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  2. Volunteers of «Tom Sawyer Fest upon Vyatka» held a clean-up near honorary citizen Sergei Ilyinsky's wing

Volunteers of «Tom Sawyer Fest upon Vyatka» held a clean-up near honorary citizen Sergei Ilyinsky's wing

Maria Startseva

On June 30, volunteers of «Tom Sawyer Fest», together with activists of Center of Russian Culture and Literature «Mir», held a Saturday clean-up at 77A Svoboda street. They cleaned up near dilapidated buildings to attract the authorities ' attention to the crumbling monument, reported the correspondent of «7×7».

The house at this address is a wing of hereditary honorary citizen Sergei Ilyinsky, which was built in 1906. In the early twentieth century, the artel artist of Djmuchadze decorated the house with stucco. It is an object of cultural heritage and it is in disrepair.

About 10 people participated in the clean-up. They cleaned house territory: removed garbage, cut down bushes and mowed down burdocks and nettles.


— There's a whole forest behind the house. The vegetation is deeply rooted in the foundation of the house. That's why we cut it down. But this is not enough, we have to mow again and again. Next time we will also need to bring some large tanks, so that there will be less garbage. We need to cut the roots to keep the foundation. Now it is a cultural heritage site, but it is in disrepair, so such houses are not repaired here. We organize clean-ups to attract attention omehow. If you do not keep watching on such objects, the situation obviously gets worse, — project manager of «Tom Sawyer Fest upon Vyatka» Elena Kustova told "7×7".

Елена Кустова

Elena Kustova

This is not the first clean-up held by volunteers of «Tom Sawyer Аest». On June 22, they cleaned up «Chinese house».

Both Ilyinsky’s wing and «Chinese house» were rebuilt according to the plan of Djmuchadze’s artel. They are distinguished by a special carved floral ornament. All the decorative elements, according to the authors of project «Vyatka On Foot», were made in the workshop of architect and painter Georgiy Djmuchadze. The houses were reconstructed by different people: from petty bourgeois to officials. Volunteers of «Tom Sawyer Fest» are planning to clean-up at the house of Vyatka architect Ivan Charushin next Saturday.

«Tom Sawyer Fest» is a project that deals with the restoration of the historical environment by volunteers and sponsors. They pay special attention to wooden houses. Most of the objects of the festival are buildings that do not have a special protective status of an architectural monument or historical heritage.


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