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Searches in activists’ camp at the Shies station

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The camp at the station Shies in the Arkhangelsk region was searched on April 1. The police searched the trailers of activists who keep a watch at the landfill, the construction of which they consider illegal. The announcement of this appeared in the Telegram channel "Shies News".

According to eco-activists, the police searched the camp because of the incident of March 15, when an excavator of builders destroyed the trailer of activists. Its driver then went to the hospital with injuries.

Information about the searches was confirmed by the “7x7” activist Nikolay Viktorov who was familiar with the situation:

“Yes, today all equipment was withdrawn. The satellite Internet was disconnected, the storages all taken. I still do not know exactly the camera or just storages. Hard disk with video surveillance was seized. I don’t know the details yet, now the guys will arrive... The Internet isn’t there.”

The head of the department of information and public relations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the Arkhangelsk Region, Ivan Rasputin, confirmed to the "7x7" correspondent that investigations were taking place in the camp, but he refused to reveal their essence. Rasputin added that the Ministry of Internal Affairs sent a “7x7” response to the request, which stated that after the incident between the builders of the landfill and the activists, a criminal case was initiated under Article 112, part 2 (“Moderately severe damage to health by a group of individuals”).

On the night of March 14-15, an excavator arrived at the camp of activists, which was operated by Alexey Kozlov. He moved activists’ wagon with a bucket. Environmentalists claimed that the excavator driver was drunk and threatened their lives – after checking the police refused to open a criminal case. The Interior Ministry concluded that the attempts of the activists to get into the excavator cabin led to dangerous movements of the equipment.

The day after the conflict, the driver of the excavator was in the hospital with abrasions and bruises. A 7x7 correspondent visited him, but Kozlov refused to comment on what happened the day before. The Ministry of Internal Affairs later reported that a criminal case had been opened about the infliction of grievous bodily harm.

On March 20, the publics of the opponents of the construction of the landfill in the Arkhangelsk region reported searches in the campsite cabins. Then, according to activist Victor Vishnevetsky, police officers were looking for bloody clothes.

Near the Shies station in the Lenskoy district of the Arkhangelsk region in 2018, the Technopark company started construction of a landfill site. Both local residents and eco-activists throughout the country opposed this construction. On February 3, they held rallies against the importation of garbage into the Northern Territories in several regions of Russia and in several settlements of the Arkhangelsk Region and the Komi, which borders pass near Shies. Eco-activists joined the Urdoma Rescue Committee and found several violations during the construction of the landfill.

Daniil Kuznetsov, Denis Strelkov, "7x7"


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