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Activists and journalists were prevented from entering the construction sites of Shies

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Guard of the construction of the landfill site at Shies station on March 30 did not allow activists and journalists to the construction sites for their inspection, a «7x7» correspondent reported from the scene.



About 100 opponents of the construction of the landfill site came to Shies to explore the territory with the equipment, the hangar and the hostel. The construction guards lined up and blocked access to the helipad where these objects were located.

The activists managed to get to the dormitory, while several employees of the private security company “Garant Security” in every possible way prevented this, forbade them to be videotaped, swore, according to activists, some of them were drunk. Then the guards lined up in rows at the dormitory, where the journalists wanted to enter, to see how the life of the workers was arranged. They were prevented from entering. Three police officers who arrived at the scene said they could not help journalists and refused to register the crime on the spot.



According to activists, they have been denied access to the helipad for several days, where the Mi-8 helicopter delivered several tons of fuel for construction equipment on March 27.

On the afternoon of March 29, journalists participating in the «7x7» blog tour were already trying to get into the territory, presenting their IDs. Journalists were accompanied by experts from Sweden, for whom it was important to see the materials that would be used in the construction of the environmental technopark to analyze the safety and efficiency of the future facility. Neither journalists nor experts were prevented from entering the territory.


The participants of the «7x7» blog tour in front of the guard chain


The incident on March 30 was commented by one of the active opponents of the construction of the landfill for Moscow garbage at the station Shies Victor Vishnevetsky:

“For the eight-month period of construction of this landfill, this situation arose for the first time. The activists were forced to come to the construction site en masse in order to convey information to the staff of the private security company [Private security company "Security Guarantee"]. For all the shifts [of the Shies watch], there was no such attitude of the security company to eco-activists and journalists. It's just boorish behavior, provocations. Activists have already complained that they are not just pushed, but provoked to fight. Because of this, eco-activists were forced to gather from all the regions affected by this problem. People arrived at the construction site and showed their strong civic position. Today [March 31], according to information received by me, private security guards behave politely, this hostile attitude is no longer there, activists are already given easy access to the construction site, because construction is on the station, which is a public place. Activists quietly go where they want, and see if there are any wrongdoings at the construction site.

So, the result of our action yesterday was reached. What was the watch for? As I said, we analyze whether offenses occur. We all see how the law enforcement agencies of the Arkhangelsk region are inactive – they even ignore the serious offenses that occur at a construction site. Even if they see them or it even happens with them, no action is taken against the violators. Therefore, eco-activists have already taken this task since December and are posting observation reports to the Internet, writing requests to the inspection structures. They expect that, perhaps, someday higher-ranking officials will influence ordinary employees, and they will react to offenses that occur, to fine, not to allow these offenses.

To the question whether our struggle against this construction is hopeless, I will answer that I do not think so, on the contrary, I think that they will not build a landfill, and we see that they came to deadlock. They are already delivering fuel [for construction equipment] by helicopter, because they understand that they have no other legal option. They could still illegally transport fuel in tanks, move railways, endangering passengers of passing trains, they could drain fuel from diesel locomotives, could, for example, carry fuel in water canisters, but we see that they can do nothing except to carry it by helicopter. This is very expensive, and we see this as the attitude of Moscow, since the landfill is being built for Moscow garbage, we see that all the resources are being drained from the regions so that later, even in critical cases, when they cannot do something and hear the inhabitants of the North, they just deliver [fuel] by helicopter. They take everything from all regions, while they themselves carry fuel by helicopter. This is a very significant moment. I believe that our cause is good, since the territory of the station Shies is swampy, and according to the laws of the Russian Federation in such places it is forbidden to build any facilities related to the storage and processing of garbage.

Some forces say that eco-activists are sponsored by some Western people to raise the Maidan in the North — this is a lie and a provocation, supporters of the construction of the landfill want to discredit the actions of active citizens in this way. None of the activists are paid anything; this is our civil position. By the way, on March 30, it was openly voiced by the construction guards. We are fighting for the right to live in a favorable environment. We want to live in the North — we will live in the North. For us, the north is this forest – it is the breadwinner; under the current socio-economic situation in the country, the forest feeds people. What are the builders doing? They destroy their only remaining income.

In July 2018, in the Lenskoy district at the Shies railway station, the Moscow company “Technopark” began construction of a landfill for municipal solid waste from Moscow and the Moscow Region covering an area of ​​5 thousand hectares.

Residents of the Arkhangelsk Region and the neighboring Komi Republic began to protest. The most massive anti-trash actions took place on December 2 and February 3, tens of thousands of people took part in them.

At the end of December 2018, activists opened a 24-hour watch on Shies, volunteers from the Arkhangelsk Region and the Komi Republic come every week there, they go around the construction site several times a day and fix violations. Along the perimeter of the area where construction is underway, activists organized several roadblocks: there are tents for people on duty there. Since February 22, 2019, construction has stopped. Activists do not allow workers to drain fuel for vehicles and cross the railroad tracks in the wrong place.

Karina Zabolotnaya, «7x7»


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