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  2. A kindergarten was opened in the Karelian village of Suoyoki after residents’ claims

A kindergarten was opened in the Karelian village of Suoyoki after residents’ claims

by Sergey Markelov
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In the Karelian village of Suoyoki, a kindergarten was opened as promised by the head of the republic Arthur Parfenchikov. It is located in a non-residential apartment, which was remade in two weeks. The «7x7» correspondent visited the opening on March 1.

The two-story house of wood concrete is over 40 years old, there are four apartments. Neighbors say that the house has old wiring and the roof is flowing. The room was repaired, furnished with children's beds, tables, toys, there is also a kitchen, batteries and a stove, which can be heated in extreme cold, and toilets.

The government allocated about 295 thousand rubles. Parents will pay about 163 rubles per child in a day. The former tutor Galina Zui and Anna Vlasova, who published correspondence with the head of Karelia on the Internet, after which Arthur Parfenchikov came to the village. Now Anna Vlasova works in the local obstetric center.

“We can handle it. The main thing is to start. And the main thing is that now the children have a normal playground with a fence so that they can walk,” says Vlasova. “But in general, we are satisfied, everything is very beautiful. I think that nothing would have happened without this messages that became public.”

Five children will go to kindergarten on April 1. Now they need to pass a medical examination.

Anna Vlasova from the village of Suoyoki published her September correspondence with the head of the republic on the social network to influence the decision of officials to close the kindergarten and school in Suoyoki before the start of the school year. The nearest educational institutions are located in the village of Lahkolampi (44 km from Suoyoki) and in Suoyarvi, 28 km away. Parfenchikov said that the authorities can not maintain a kindergarten "just for one child." He offered that child’s grandparents could wathch after him. After one more message, the correspondence with Vlasova was deleted. The history of correspondence and Parfenchikov's answers became the subject of discussion in the media. A spokesman for the head claimed that the head of the region apologized for his words, Anna Vlasova did not believe the explanations.

On November 21, Parfenchikov visited the Suoyoki village, accompanied by officials from the regional government and district administration. At the meeting, officials proposed to open a family day care center in Suoyoki and build a good road to Suoyarvi.

Sergey Markelov, author's photo, «7x7»


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