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FSB started to examine Byvshev’s book for extremism

The Federal Security Service started checking the book of poems about the Great Patriotic War of the poet from the Oryol region Alexander Byvshev, which was published in the United States. On August 26, Byvshev, three times convicted under the extremist article 282 of the Criminal Code, wrote about it in his blog.

According to Byvshev, on August 24 investigator of the Investigative Committee Polonskaya and reported that the FSB officers began checking his book "Bloody Memory", which was published in Chicago in 2015. It is examined under the sixth criminal case of Byvshev, about which he learned on August 5, 2018. Byvshev told, that the sixth criminal case was opened for a poem "Dedicated to expansion of NATO on the East".

"Apparently, it is too much even for the most zealous Oryol chekists to initiate a new criminal case against me every month. It is possible that the Russian security forces are trying to lead me to an article on the rehabilitation and justification of Nazism, because the book contains poems about war crimes committed by the top leadership of the USSR during the Second World War: our joint partition of Poland with fascist Germany, the Katyn massacre, the shameful Soviet-Finnish war, the occupation of the Baltic states, Western Ukraine and Western Belorussia, cases of mass looting and violence against the peaceful population of Germany by Soviet soldiers, the scandalous "trophy case" of Marshal Zhukov, that is, those extremely unpleasant facts from our domestic history, one mention of which causes a very painful reaction of the modern Russian government," wrote poet about a new criminal prosecution.

Byvshev’s lawyer Vladimir Suchkov in a conversation with a correspondent of «7x7» called a new examination of the works of his client "the height of lawlessness":

"I heard from the investigator that the FSB instructed to check Byvshev's book. In the Criminal Code, or more precisely in Article 153, it is said that it is possible to combine criminal cases into one proceeding, but not the materials of examination. We know only part of the case materials, we have not yet been informed about the examination of the book "Bloody Memory"."

In the winter of 2018, «7x7» published a report about a day in life of Alexander Byvshev.

In 2014, Alexander Byvshev was fired from school, where he worked as a teacher of foreign languages, for the support of Ukraine. In 2015, for his poems "Ukrainian Patriots" and "Ukrainian Insurgents" he was added to the list of terrorists and extremists of Rosfinmonitoring. Bcause of this fact, the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) decided to check the Chicago publisher of the book "Bloody Memory". His bank accounts were frozen, he is under a written undertaking not to leave and lives with sick parents who can not move themselves.

In the spring of 2018 Byvshev was sentenced to public works for the second time for the poem "On the Independence of Ukraine", which he wrote as a polemic response to Joseph Brodsky.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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