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Ryazan Cossack ataman promised to create a register of "enemies of the people"

According to the coordinator for information work of the Cossacks Valery Rozanov, Cossack ataman Andrei Datsenko promised to create an all-Russian unified register of "enemies of the people" for 60 million rubles.

In the register, the Ryazan Cossacks intend to include "information about persons professing liberal values ​​or adhering to radical Westernism." It will also include information on the forthcoming protest actions.

Rozanov defined the "people" and "enemies of the people." The first include citizens who fully agree with the president's decisions and support them without unnecessary discussion. "The enemy of the people," according to the coordinator of the Cossacks, is everyone "who encroaches on the overthrow of the regime, was convicted of military treason or conspiracy, engaged in economic sabotage, bribed officials, abused his official position, disseminated disinformation and stole from the budget."

The following actions will be considered crimes against the people: the inducement of "uneducated masses" to criticism of the authorities, the demand from the authorities to justify their actions, the publication of information that can lead to the "nation’s discouragement", the formation of dissatisfaction among the masses with the actions of the government.

The development of the registry, presumably, will require 60 million rubles. The Cossacks plan to create a research institute of ideological sciences, and then create the register itself.

In a conversation with a correspondent of «7x7» Rozanov explained the purpose of creating the registry:

"At such troublesome times, an ordinary citizen does not distinguish a true patriot from a false patriot. We will help him to understand these concepts."

Cossack general Andrei Datsenko said that it is too soon to talk about the final results of the work: the Cossacks only discussed the possibility of creating a registry and came to the conclusion that it is needed.

"Our opinion is that in the register it is necessary to include people who belittle the role of Russia, for example, in the Great Patriotic War, in scientific achievements. They disseminate information that the West has always succeeded and is succeeding in science. Young people perceive and assimilate this information. Also, people are paid to depict mass gathering in many protest actions. But they were paid not by ordinary citizens, but by someone from the "tops". It is necessary to figure it out and inform the citizens," Datsenko is convinced.

The Cossack general said that officials "interested in their own pocket more than state interests" would be also included in the register.

"Why did we need a pension reform? Maybe, because the money received by the pension fund was taken away? Russians should know such "heroes" by the surname," Datsenko said.

Since 2017, the information coordinator Valery Rozanov reported in his blog about some events that occurred among the Ryazan Cossacks. So, they prayed that the provisional governor of the Ryazan region Nikolai Lyubimov would win in the elections, together with the deputy of the State Duma Natalia Poklonskaya demanded to ban the movie "Matilda", they supported the communist Pavel Grudinin in the presidential elections. Then they announced request to extend the term of the president to seven years and withdrawal of 200 Ryazan Cossack families from the Central Cossack troops, as it has become a "structure for the application of budget funds." They also promised to curse the TV presenter Pavel Lobkov for calling Ryazan a city with eight gay clubs.

Later that day, it became known that Cossack general Andrei Datsenko denied information on the idea of creating a register of "enemies of the people". However, Rozanov is not going to go back on his word.

Ekaterina Vulikh, «7x7»


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