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Poet Byvshev was sentenced to compulsory work for poetry in support of Ukraine

Alexander Byvshev
by Yuri Timofeev, "Grani"
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Court of the Kromsky district of the Oryol region sentenced poet Alexander Byvshev to 330 hours of compulsory work for the publication of extremist poems "On the Independence of Ukraine."

Byvshev’s lawyer Vladimir Suchkov told «7x7» that he intends to appeal the verdict. In his opinion, such a decision can not be called a victory:

"When we interviewed experts, it turned out that they had built their judgments on associations. They said: "Any normal person would think so," and according to the law, experts must make decisions based on verifiable data."

The lawyer suggested that they could apply to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) again.

Oryol human rights activist Dmitry Krayukhin confirmed that the verdict was expected, and added that " there is no absolutory sentence in such cases."

Byvshev commented on the verdict for "Grani":

"I'll sweep the streets and remove rubbish in Kromy again. I will get my computer back after the court experts remove extremist materials from it. I was determined that the verdict would be prosecutorial, I'm not surprised. I have two feelings: it's good that they did not give me a jail time. I must admit, it's not bad. And on the other hand – compulsory work for an innocent person on a fabricated sentence – this is a disgrace. A repressive machine clearly operates in Russia. The court and the investigation work together, there was no chance of justification."

In his last word, Byvshev called the poem, for which he was convicted, "anti-war and pacifist."

In 2015, Alexander Byvashev's poems "To Ukrainian Patriots" and "Ukrainian insurgents" were recognized as extremist, the author was twice convicted and included in the list of terrorists and extremists of Rosfinmonitoring. As a result, his bank accounts were blocked. He worked as a teacher and was fired in 2014.

The ECHR communicated the complaint of the previous two verdicts in 2017. During the investigation of the third case (for a poem"On the Independence of Ukraine"), they brought two more criminal cases on extremism. On April 3, he found out about the fifth case from the press release of the Investigative Committee for the Oryol region. The investigators were interested in his poems "The Russian Spirit" and "Mighty Pile", published on the website "Orlets".

Correspondent of «7x7» visited Alexander Byvshev in 2017.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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