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Oryol poet Byvshev was sued for extremism for the fifth time

Daniil Kuznetsov
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A poet from Kromy, an urban locality of Oryol region, Aleksandr Byvshev became a subject to a criminal charge for extremism for the fifth time because of his poems about Russia. He wrote about it on his Facebook page, and cited the information published by Investigation Committee of Oryol region.

According to Byvshev, he was sued under the Article 282 of the Criminal Code because of his two poems The Russian Spirit and The Mighty Pile that Byvashev wrote for the local oppositional website Orlets.

“Apparently, after March 18, the authorities finally fell off the wagon. Last night I found out that the fifth (!!!) criminal case had already been open against me because of my two short satirical poems. I posted these poems in the comments upon the article called On People and Pigs that was published on a popular Internet source. The article, which I left my poetry comments upon, was about the severe pollution of Oryol and widespread garbage dumps near residential buildings, which have not been cleaned for months, as well as about the lack of “culture” of some Oruol inhabitants. Let me remind you that the year 2017 was declared the Year of Ecology in Russia”, Byvshev posted in the social network.

“I accidentally stumbled onto the news posted by the Investigative Committee and realized that it was about me”, Bystshev said to “7x7” journalist. “The trial against me that carried out the third criminal case on extremism is now over, but two more have been opened. Tomorrow there will be the debate, and this is going to be the penultimate meeting before my last say. Since I am officially listed as a terrorist extremist [by Rosfinmonitoring], I do not get the regular parcels from the Russian Post. My relative from Ukraine sent me books and a scarf from Kiev, and for six months they have never reached me. I was told that our postal department suspected that I was sent either explosive or some extremist literature”.

In Trosna, Kromy district, since January 2018, there have been the trials on the third criminal case launched for the verses of Alexander Byvshev, which he wrote in support of Ukraine in 2014. They blocked all Byvshev's bank accounts, he is on bail. In 2015, he was included in the official list of extremists and terrorists. In Kromy, Byshev lives with his elderly parents who can not walk upright. Because of this status, Byvshev does not have a right to teach – he is a former foreign language teacher of a school in Kromy. In February 2018, during another search, they seized his laptop and manuscripts.

“7x7” journalist spent one day with Aleksandr Byvshev in Kromy and published a feature article in Russian language.


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