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  2. Teacher from Oryol was left without earnings because of the poem in support of Ukraine

Teacher from Oryol was left without earnings because of the poem in support of Ukraine

Kromsky District Court found poem of a foreign language teacher of Alexander Byvshev "To Ukrainian patriots" extremist again. Byvshev, who takes care of two elderly parents, is suspended from work

Kromsky District Court found poem of a foreign language teacher of Alexander Byvsheva "To Ukrainian patriots" extremist again. He himself informed «7x7» about it.

Byvshev published text of the poem in his account on the social network in March. Already in May, the court found the poem extremist and Byvshev — guilty of a crime under Art. 282 of the Criminal Code. He appealed the decision and sent the poem to the Moscow Guild of linguists, experts on documentary and informational disputes (RSA "GLADIS"). Expertise of "GLADIS", in the conduct of which two doctors and one academician took part, didn’t find any signs of extremism in the text. The Oryol Regional Forensic Center AMIA carried out the re-analysis and came to opposite conclusions. The teacher was repeatedly declared extremist on the basis of it on October 3.

According to Alexander Byvshev, the court didn’t listen to the Moscow experts, but listened to “two young women, workers of FSC Russian Interior Ministry, who don’t have any academic degrees and scientific works; one of them, by her own admission, began to work with such examinations only in 2013” because of “the obvious political bias of the process”. He doesn’t exclude the possibility that he will sent the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

Staff of the information-analytical center "Sova", more than a decade studying the problems of nationalism and xenophobia, don’t believe Byvshev guilty of violating Article 282 of the Criminal Code either. The statement of "Sova" says that such decisions "only reinforce social tension": "Extreme edge of the Ukrainian crisis inevitably provokes many to extreme statements that are not indicative for them at another time. In this situation, it is more expedient not to resort to criminal prosecution for even the most harsh statements, if there are no clear and unequivocal gravamen of charge. This consideration should be taken into account especially when it comes to appeals addressed to the citizens or the government of another country."

Byvshev himself has actually remained unemployed because of the criminal case. "There is pressure at Byvshev from all sides: for example, he was suspended from work. I.e. he wasn’t fired, but he is not paid salary and will not be paid for indefinite time. Can one hold out for such a long time, especially in the Oryol village? Simply put, he is actually forced to resign and look for a job," he quotes on his page the words of editor in chief of the human rights agency "TsentrRus" Dmitry Krayukhin. The situation is aggravated by the fact that Byvshev takes care of two elderly parents, "80-year-old half-blind mother recently had a stroke, and 84-year-old completely deaf father, who had a heart attack". "The story with my criminal prosecution under Article 282 of Art. 1, humiliating searches, constant pressure in the village didn’t make them healthier, of course. Court cases have already demanded large financial burden," he writes.

Details for assistance are published on the page of Byvshev.


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