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  2. Kirov's city administration did not agree on a graffiti portrait of Linkin Park soloist because of the suicide propaganda

Kirov's city administration did not agree on a graffiti portrait of Linkin Park soloist because of the suicide propaganda

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The department for Youth, Physical Culture and Sports of the Kirov administration "did not consider appropriate" the appearance of graffiti featuring the image of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, who committed suicide.

The department response to the fans of the band states that graffiti can be regarded as "propaganda of suicidal behavior among young people". Members of the initiative group met with the head of the department on February 20, they insisted that the image of a person can not propagate suicide, and gave examples of other famous people who died voluntarily and in honor of whom streets, squares and memorial plaques were named.

"We listed these people, but the administration did not want to develop this topic. There was such a subtext that they were, at least, our compatriots," explained Shabalina. "We considered the option of creating a completely different space, when we discussed the project in the territorial administration of the Leninsky district. We cited the example of Kazan, where images of artists, including Chester, were placed on the bridge abutment. We proposed to create something like this, the territorial administration did not object. Now we have offered the same thing to the youth department — to find another place with a closed large space, place there images of other singers and artists. This is a larger project, citywide, so it must be taken out already in the culture department. We plan to meet them next week."

The idea of creating graffiti of Chester Bennington in Kirov arose in the summer of 2017, fans of the musician collected signatures to make the image appear on a transformer box in the square at the intersection of Spasskaya and Derendyaeva streets. Officials refused to agree on this place. The initiative group offered the territorial administration for the Leninsky district another option — a transformer substation at the intersection of Spasskaya Street and Oktyabrsky Prospekt (windows of residential buildings nearby are not accessible to it). Territorial administration agreed the place, but insisted on agreement with the youth department, "Gorelektroseti" and Kirov communal systems.

Chester Bennington was found dead in his house on July 20, 2017.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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