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Illegal expulsion of German student Jorn Heze from the Oryol State University

Jorn Heze
by Alena Posadskaya

On January 30, Oryol Court of Appeal confirmed illegality of the expulsion of German student Jorn Heze from the Oryol State University.

Student Jorn Heze could not attend the meeting because of visa problems. According to the lawyer Sergey Lazarev, he expected to postpone the hearing before his client's arrival, but the court decided to consider the complaint in the absence of a German student.


 Lawyer Sergey Lazarev


"I was upset by this circumstance," complained the lawyer, "because I know that my trustee really wanted to be present at the trial, he had something to say. Representatives of the university tried to prove that Jorn Heze was an unscrupulous student, for which he was expelled. Now OSU awaits a civil suit for compensation of material damage to a German student, who was forced to pay for lawyer's services and spent money on travel."

The Jorn Heze case is a precedent not only for the Oryol region, as usually such cases result in either the protection of the rights of the university or an amicable agreement. "However, Jorn wished to justify the order on his expulsion as illegal, he is a German, and order is important to him," Lazarev said.

The prosecutor's office of the Zavodskoy District is now considering the application of Jorn Heze about the discrepancy between the validity of a number of documents submitted to the court of first instance and the testimony of some witnesses.

German student, Jorn Heze, was expelled in June 2017. He demanded to recognize it as illegal, reinstate him and pay him 100 thousand rubles compensation for moral damage. The judge recognized his demands as legitimate. In a decision of November 13, 2017, she wrote about the absence of "a proper organization of transfer until the moment of expulsion, [...] the failure of the university to provide information, a clear algorithm of actions necessary to complete transfer, clear requirements, [...] despite his repeated appeals"; "respondent's employees did not show the necessary circumspection, reasonableness," and the expulsion "is premature and contrary to the law."

The court found the expulsion illegal, demanded the restatement of Jorn Heze at the university, ordered compensation of 20,000 rubles, and imposed a fine of 10,000 rubles on the OSU.

Alena Posadskaya, «7x7»


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