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Teacher of Komi boarding school, where children received burns while cutting hogweed, will remain in office

According to director of the boarding school No. 15 in the village of Pazhga in the Syktyvdinsky district of Komi Alexey Budni, teacher Galina Vurdova, fined for bringing children to cut the hogweed, will continue to work in the institution.

He said that children will no longer be sent to cut the cow hogweed, but refused putting the correspondent of «7x7» through Galina Vurdova and did not comment on the situation any more.

On November 10, Syktyvdinsky district court fined Galina Vurdova for 30 thousand rubles. He considered that she was guilty of abuse of office: at that time she was fulfilling duties of the shift supervisor, she sent the inmates to cut the cow hogweed twice. The employees of the institution and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Komi Republic were disciplined for this. Their names and positions are not specified.

The incident became known in July 2017. A group of representatives of the Komi Ministry of Education, the republican prosecutor's office and the commission for juvenile affairs were sent to Pazhga. As a result of the inspection, the Ministry of Education issued a letter stating that the facts do not correspond to reality. According to the verifiers, five children actually got burns, but at different times, in different places and not as a result of agricultural work, but because of their own personal imprudence.

The check was also conducted by the Komi Investigative Committee, after which a criminal case was opened. The investigators confirmed that the children were burned during the cutting of the cow hogweed. Inspectors from the office of the child's ombudsman under the Russian president made similar conclusions.

After the incident in Pazhga, the Ministry of Education of the Komi decided to rewrite the programs of summer employment in the children's boarding schools. decided not to renew The contract with the director of the boarding school was decided not to be prolonged, but he still performs the head duties.

Katerina Klepikovskaya, «7x7»


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