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  2. ECHR registered complaints of Cheboksary activists on restriction of freedom of assembly

ECHR registered complaints of Cheboksary activists on restriction of freedom of assembly

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According to the lawyer of the international human rights group "Agora" and representative of activists in ECHR Aleksey Glukhov, the European Court of Human Rights has registered complaints of Cheboksary activists of the movement "Vesna" Anastasia Vasilieva, Pavel Mochalov and Andrey Fedorov, who were brought to administrative responsibility for the action of Boris Nemtsov's memory.

The complaint was tested for admissibility. At the next stage, the ECHR judges will decide whether to communicate it and to send an objection to the authorities, or to declare it inadmissible and withdraw from consideration. Only after this, the court will make a final decision whether the authorities violated the right to freedom of assembly. The whole process, according to the lawyer, can take several years.

"This year ECHR very rigidly pointed out that there is a problem with freedom of assembly in Russia. Our country is obliged to take steps to improve the rights of citizens to freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. This process is no less long than the procedure for handling complaints. I can not guess the decisions of ECHR, but I hope that honorable European Court will establish a violation of the rights of Nastya, Pavel and Andrey and will impose them fair compensation," commented Alexey Glukhov.

Activists of "Vesna" have already paid the fines imposed by the Russian court and are now awaiting the decision of ECHR to pay compensation. As a rule, these are amounts from 1500 euros, which increase depending on the extent of the invasion of freedom by the authorities: facts of detentions, amount of fines and other factors are assessed.

The action of Boris Nemtsov's memory was held in Cheboksary on February 25, 2017, on the eve of the anniversary of his murder. Activists of the movement "Vesna" hang a banner on the bridge at the intersection of Gagarin Street and Presidential Boulevard.

The activists claim that the banner was hanging for less than a minute, but the police regarded the action as uncoordinated and attracted its participants Anastasia Vasilyeva, Pavel Mochalov and Andrei Fedorov to administrative responsibility under Article 20.2 of the Code of Administrative Offenses ("Violation of the established procedure for organizing or holding a picket").

In March, the Leninsky District Court in Cheboksary appointed fines of 20 thousand rubles and 10 thousand rubles. In April, the Supreme Court of Chuvashia upheld the verdicts of the district court.

Ekaterina Bogdanova, «7x7»


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