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  2. Five days of fire on oil-producing mine in the Ukhta district of Komi

Five days of fire on oil-producing mine in the Ukhta district of Komi

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The mine number 1 of the enterprise "Yareganeft" (in the subordination of "Lukoil-Komi"), was on fire for several days. The collapse of the rock did not allow to suppress a fire. The VK group "I do care! Pechora" members accused the oil company of trying to hide information about the fire.

The Unified Dispatching Service reported that on September 29 at 02:00 they got a call with complain about the siren. Smoke continues to this day, but the fire is not classified, there are no victims.

"Miners who worked there before told that in 1985 there was a similar fire at the same mine. It was suppressed during the year,' deputy of the State Council of Komi from Ukhta Ekaterina Rudenko said. 'Such cases are possible, they are not so frequent. But there are no victims, so they do not write about it."

"We reported the accident on September 29 — as soon as the signal arrived," Sergei Makarov, deputy general director of Lukoil-Komi public relations said. "Smoke is localized, the level of carbon dioxide is lowered, work is underway for further localization and liquidation. The work is carried out by the forces of the militant mine rescue team, and the employees of "Lukoil" bring necessary materials."

According to the Lukoil-Komi press service, the mine moved to its regular mode of operation three hours after smoke.

On September 14, there was a rock fall at mine number 1 of the company "Yareganeft". This is one of the few places in the world where heavy oil is mined by shaft method.

Elena Solovyova, «7x7»


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