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  2. Сourt scheduled a new examination of photographs in Dmitriev's case

Сourt scheduled a new examination of photographs in Dmitriev's case

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Dmitriev's lawyer Viktor Anufriev asked the court for a new or repeat expert assessment of the photographs of his daughter that the specialists of the Centre for Sociocultural Expert Assessments considered to be pornographic. On September 15, judge Marina Nosova decided that the examination would be held in one of the institutions of St. Petersburg.

According to Anufriev, the court partially satisfied his and prosecutor's petitions.

Viktor Anufriev

The prosecutor also insisted on conducting a new examination, but asked to analyze only nine pictures from the historian's home archives. The lawyer assumes that the prosecution will try to form a position, according to which Dmitriev could not photograph the girl for medical purposes.

As before, Yury Dmitriev was brought to the court session, accompanied by several bailiffs. His colleagues, relatives and friends came to support him. The meeting was held behind closed doors.The court will hear a new assessment of experts on October 11.

A well-known researcher of Stalinist repressions, the head of the Karelian branch of the 'Memorial' society, Yury Dmitriev, was detained in his apartment on December 13, 2016 on suspicion of making pornographic pictures of his adopted daughter. The photos, according to the historian’s defense team, were a diary of the girl's health, who was malnourished when she came to him from the children’s home.

On June 1, Petrozavodsk city court began hearing the case in camera. In addition to producing pornographic materials depicting minors, he was charged with Article 135 of the Russian Criminal Code ('Non-violent sexual abuse’) and 222 ('Illegal keeping of firearms').

On June 22, Professor Lev Shcheglov, D.Sc. (Medicine), president of the National Institute of Sexology, spoke in court. According to him, there were no pornographic pictures in Dmitriev's case.

Hundreds of people have voiced their support for Dmitriev. Among them are writers, scientists, public figures, human rights activists, journalists, musicians, artists, Orthodox priests and those who have participated in the international days of memory at Sandarmokh, Krasny Bor and Solovki of the victims of the Great Terror.


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