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  2. Arkhangelsk resident went to a solitary picket against censorship on the Internet

Arkhangelsk resident went to a solitary picket against censorship on the Internet

According to news portal 29.ru, supporter of Navalny Dmitry Tomatin came to Lenin Square with a poster in defense of the Internet on Sunday, July 9, the police several times asked him to leave.

Police officers informed the activist that he could not picket in the center of the city, because another event was agreed there at that time. Under this pretext, Tomatin was forced to change the place of a single picket several times.

Initially, the action against censorship on the Internet was supposed to be massive, it was to be held immediately in several cities of the region: Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk and Velsk, but the activists failed to coordinate it with local authorities. As a result, a single picket was held only in the regional center; activist had a poster: 'Actions to protect the Internet are not coordinated. The government is afraid of the truth!'.

On the weekend, supporters of Navalny held street actions in many cities. In most regions, activists organized a large agitation subbotnik and distributed leaflets about the activities of the opposition politician. Many of the staff of the headquarters of Navalny faced with problems: some did not receive agitation materials, many failed to agree on the installation of 'cubes of Navalny', some volunteers were detained by the police.

Residents of the Arkhangelsk region planned to join the international, also planned for July 9, action of the opposition – in defense of the Internet and in support of Dmitry Bogatov, accused of allegedly calling for terrorist activities in one of his comments.

The Moscow supporters of PARNAS were also rejected to conduct the action For free Internet. The authorities of Moscow referred to the decree of Vladimir Putin on special security measures during the Football Confederations Cup.

Ekaterina Bogdanova, «7x7»


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