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  2. Navalny movie ‘He's not Dimon’ was posted on the website of the Yaroslavl Prosecutor's Office

Navalny movie ‘He's not Dimon’ was posted on the website of the Yaroslavl Prosecutor's Office

Unknown people published a message on the official website of the Yaroslavl prosecutor's office to those wishing to go to rallies on June 12 with an appeal not to attend the event. This was noticed by the Yaroslavl activist on the morning of June 11.

The news appeared on the Prosecutor's Office's website around 01:00 on June 11. The text said:

‘Celebrating the Day of Russia. Even peacefully. Even under the Russian Flags. The prosecutor's office of Yaroslavl calls on citizens not to yield to provocations and not to go to unauthorized events! Sit at home. We will rather lock you up, not Dimon’.

At 11:00 the news was deleted, but it was preserved in the Yandex cache.

The activist of the ‘Concerned Yaroslavl’ movement Valery Piankov was the first to notice this news when he was looking for data on the Prosecutor's Office website about a fine for one of the Yaroslavl residents.

A spokesman for the Yaroslavl region prosecutor's office Yana Smirnova told a «7x7» correspondent that the agency had already initiated an investigation because of ‘unauthorized access to the site’.

‘Specialized units of law enforcement bodies of the Yaroslavl region, dealing with Internet security issues, are connected to the audit. Based on the results of the audit, measures will be taken by the prosecutor's response. If any grounds, materials will be sent to initiate criminal proceedings,’ the agency representative added.

On May 4, the site of the newspaper ‘Vecherny Murmansk’ apologized to the participants of the anti-corruption rally on March 26, because of the columnist’s insult referred to non-traditional sexual orientation. On the same day, the news was removed from the site of ‘Vecherny Murmansk’ and accused the LGBT community of Murmansk of hacking.

An agreed meeting against corruption will take place in the Yaroslavl Peace Park on June 12 at 13:00.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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