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Human rights defenders made the first Russian series on human rights

Daniil Kuznetsov

In Russia, the first web series on human rights has been shot with the support of the Sakharov Center. The series consists of eight episodes, directed by Margarita Mikhailova, as reported by the editorial office of prava.tv on March 31.

The authors of the series told that it will come out on the Internet on the official website, when the latter recruits more than 5 thousand subscribers. The episodes will be short, four minutes each. According to the idea, the series must answer several basic questions:

"When and why did the concept of human rights come into being? How and by whom is it applied now? What will happen to it in that new world, which we seem already entered into? Will the conception of human rights as such survive in general or is it a short-lived idea suitable only for the post-war world, which was determined by the confrontation between the two political and economic systems? And if yes, it will survive, then how will it change? And what does it have to do with our life, and the life of every single person?"


One of the ideologists of the series on human rights, the director of the Sakharov Center Sergey Lukashevsky explained how the idea of shooting such a project appeared.

"The decision to tell in a comprehensible way about the concept of human rights and the methods of work of the human rights movement came to our minds long time ago. We have been conducting educational projects on this topic in the Sakharov Center for several years, but people who come to participate in them are often the ones that already interested in that. At the same time, it is clear that there are a lot of people who do not know very well what human rights are as such, and why they are needed. We decided that we need to make a cycle of popular video lectures, this was the first idea. But over time, we decided to move away from the traditional format, and we made a web series that tried to talk about human rights in a comprehensible way, relying on history and on a contemporary, foolproof experience, about how the human rights appeared, and what for and why they are needed just as such as they are," said Lukashevsky. 

The creators of the Internet series asked their future audience to add a hashtag #pravatv [rights TV] to their reviews.


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