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  2. How residents of the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district have been living in huts for decades

How residents of the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district have been living in huts for decades

Stories of two families from Nizhnevartovsk

The Verozubov family
by Anastasia Mitroshina
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In Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk and other cities of the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district, many people still live in small huts or, as local authorities call them, beam blocks. Having come here for a few months in the 80s, 90s or zero years to work in the oil industry, they stayed for a lifetime. Both for residents and for local authorities, such settlements of huts are a headache. For years, people repair huts by themselves, and local authorities cannot find money for the relocation of tenants. The year 2019 can be a turning point. In October, the government of the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district announced that it had found an additional 5.5 billion rubles for the purchase of apartments for tenants. It is expected that next year there will be no such village in Yugra. The «7x7» journalist came to visit two families from Nizhnevartovsk who have been living in huts for many years.


The Terentyev family. Old Vartovsk

Natalia Terentyeva lives in a hut with her ex-husband and three sons for more than 33 years. Once the village was founded by the company Samotlornefteavtomatika. Its employees were allocated trailers and rental land.


Natalia Terentyeva


"Previously, my parents lived in this trailer. About seven years ago, they got an apartment because of father’s disability and moved out. And I am still waiting for housing. Now we are somewhere on the 36th or 56th place in the lists. The term of the lease of land has expired, and when I went to extend it, I was denied for a long time, referring to some law that is valid until 2020. In the end, I still achieved my goal, the rent was extended for three years, but during this time I have to build a house here, otherwise the rent will no longer be extended. There is no money for a construction," said Natalia Terentyeva.

Now the family lives on a children's disability pension, which is received by the youngest 6-year-old son of Natalia. This is about 20 thousand rubles. When the boy was diagnosed, Natalia left work. The ex-husband has no permanent job, and the eldest son just returned from the army and had not yet managed to find a job.



The house where the Terentyevs live is a residential trailer and an extension. In the trailer there are two children's rooms, and in the extension there is a bathroom, a kitchen and another living room. According to Natalia Terentyeva, children’s rooms are now the safest places.

"Children love to take a bath, but for almost a year I haven’t allowed them, I am scared that the ceiling collapse. I am afraid that we will not survive this winter," said Natalia Terentyeva.



The kitchen is also in a poor state: the boards and the floor are bent, the walls are nod.



"Every time after a rain the floor is completely covered with water. Especially in the spring, when the snow melts. About four years ago, we received a commission to assess housing conditions. They looked and said that "others live even worse." Turned around and left," the woman said.


According to her, she can not get an apartment due to the fact that "there is no suitable space." By the number of registered people, the Terentyev family should be given an apartment of 90 m², but the developer-partner simply does not have such. The woman tried to negotiate to get a smaller apartment, but she was refused, referring to the fact that this would be a violation of the law. While she is offered only one way to solve this problem, it is necessary that someone should be discharged from their current place of residence.

"In the Housing Policy Administration of Nizhnevartovsk, they say to me: "Well, they don’t throw you out — live." I explained that it was already impossible to live here, but they assured me that it was not necessary to spend money on repairs, and this year I’ll definitely get an apartment. There is a chance to take a subsidy, it is about 700 thousand rubles per person. But then this land will be taken away from us, but one also wants to eat the fish and not choke on the bone. I can't imagine what will happen in 2019," she said.




The Verozubov family. Old Vartovsk

Not far from the house of Natalia Terentyeva there is an old hut. It looks like abandoned. However, Lyudmila Verozubova lives here with her husband and two children.

"We arrived in Nizhnevartovsk in 2006. At first, we rented an apartment, but we were asked to move out. Then we found this barrack. First, we rented several rooms in another part of the building, and then the neighbor offered to buy a part of it, where we now live, but without documents, because he himself was not the owner. We paid 150 thousand, but we didn’t even take receipts," Lyudmila said.

Only Lyudmila has a job. Three years ago, her husband left the company due to health problems, is now trying to register a disability.


Lyudmila Verozubova


"We went to the city administration, but they said that we were settled here illegally, since we do not have any documents of sale. It turns out, we can not register. We can stay outside. Some people came to us, they measured the whole house. They said that there should be a road, and in 2019 the barrack will be demolished," the woman shared.

The Verozubovs appealed for help to the deputy of the city duma Leonid Dolnikov. The official said that it makes no sense to sue for the right to stay: the house will be demolished in any case. And the man who sold them housing, now denies it.

"My husband says that it will be necessary to return to the Altai Territory, there we have a small house. But both I and the children are against, there are no prospects," Lyudmila said.

A family of four lives in two rooms. The eldest son, who will go to the army very soon, has its own private room. The room is very cold, there are huge gaps in the walls between the boards, which are filled with foam. Ceiling panels are moving away because of dampness.



"It's scary to go to the kitchen. A few years ago, we disassembled the floors, so there’s nothing really under the boards, only water and metal pins. If the floor breaks over one of them, it will be a tragedy," she explained.

The bathroom and toilet are in the dressing room. The temperature there is not much different from the weather outside.

Now Lyudmila Verozubova plans to ask for help in the Nizhnevartovsk Center for Family and Children "Kardea". According to her, this is the last instance.



Anastasia Mitroshina, photo of the author, «7x7»


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