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  2. "We are for freedom of speech and so on": Yaroslavl pupil got "slap on the wrist" for participation in Navalny’s rallies

"We are for freedom of speech and so on": Yaroslavl pupil got "slap on the wrist" for participation in Navalny’s rallies

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In Yaroslavl school No. 99, a teacher and a police officer held an educational talk with the student about his political views. Deputy principal called them extremist – the schoolboy was once seen on the action "for Navalny" and does not hide it. The community of Yaroslavl Navalny’s headquarters posted conversation of the student with a teacher and a police officer. Correspondent of «7x7» figured out the situation.

"Now, please change some of your views"

Yaroslavl Navalny supporters reported that their volunteer talked to police officer Elena Belova without parents – they were "replaced" by the deputy principal, Marina Potekhina. The teacher, in particular, called the views of the student extremist and cited the example of the ex-mayor of Yaroslavl Evgeny Urlashov.

«7x7» presents transcript of the educational conversation.

Deputy principal: What are your extremist views related to?

Pupil: Why am I an extremist?

Deputy principal: If your extremist views worsen, then we must inform the relevant authorities. Now – oral conversation in the presence of a police officer. Belova Elena Vyacheslavovna – perhaps soon you will have to come to her. They are very clearly visible here – your views.

Officer: Since you are in the tenth grade, do us a favor, study. If you do not fulfill your academic duties, then I'll invite your mother to my department and sign a protocol against her. Until you start to study, she will pay money for you. Clear?

Pupil: For not studying?

Officer: Yes, for not studying. She will pay money to the state.

Pupil: And what is this article?

Officer: Article 5.35 "Non-fulfillment of parental responsibilities".

Officer: Did you participate at the meeting on 8th October?

Pupil: Sure. You can see the photos, I was with the flag.

Officer: Great.

Deputy principal: Roma, don’t you think that this activity prevents you from studying?

Pupil: Absolutely not. I do this in my spare time.

Officer: What's this for?

Pupil: Well, that's my business.

Officer: Is it useful for your future life?

Pupil: But it is my business.

Officer: Well, yes, it is your business, we are for freedom of speech and so on, but did he do something for you?

Pupil: It is my business.

Officer: Maybe he pays you?

Pupil: No.

Deputy principal: We want to tell you that you should not create any groups at school. Because if you become an unofficial leader, you can end up in the same situation as our former mayor [Evgeny Urlashov is serving his sentence on corruption charges]. He also supported the billionaire Prokhorov and did not get what he counted on. Having a legal education and understanding that he is doing something illegal. He is an adult. Now, please change some of your views, that can lead you [knocking on the table] into crime.

What they told at school

Correspondent of «7x7» contacted principal Valery Belov to find out the need for such a conversation.

"All issues related to the communication of the child with representatives of different bodies and structures are usually carried out either in the presence of an adult, I mean the class teacher, or parents, or the deputy principal," the principal explained absence of parents during conversation with a pupil.

According to Valery Belov, it is quite permissible for the pupils to take an interest in, to be engaged in activities within the law.

"Why did the deputy principal make a courageous judgment on the student – called his views extremist? This is a serious accusation," the «7x7» correspondent asked.

"If the rights of the child were violated or prejudiced somehow, I would like to discuss ше solely with the parents," the principle replied.

When asked if the pupil's parents will now be called to school, the teacher did not give an unambiguous answer.

In November 2017, in one of the Yaroslavl schools, parents were warned about the activities of the movement "Art Preparation", which was recognized as extremist, and about the activity of the politician Alexey Navalny. In particular, one of the parents said that the police offered parents to check the list of communities on the child's "VKontakte" page.

On the birthday of President Vladimir Putin, a mass action of Navalny supporters took place in Yaroslavl, more than 50 participants were detained. Several were convicted for participation in an uncoordinated procession.

Daniil Kuznetsov, «7x7»


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