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With a touch of protest: truckers, multi-child families, anarchists, communists and monstrants on the May Day marches

May Day demonstration in Ryazan
Ekaterina Vulikh

Traditionally, there are festive demonstrations on May 1. This year they were joined by those who decided to tell society and authorities about the accumulated problems. «7x7» reports about attempts to express the protest.


Anarchists, anti-fascists and truckers with their own slogans joined the May Day procession in Murmansk. Representatives of trade unions came with a social agenda on the banners.

'Today there are moments that brings down working people,' chairman of the Murmansk regional council of trade unions, Alexander Pervukhin said in an interview with «7x7». 'I am talking about a big debt on wages. According to our Labor and Employment Committee, compared to January 1, the debts increased three-fold and exceeded 360 million rubles. And the fact, that vast majority of debts is accounted for bankrupt enterprises, is not helping. The state also conducts unpopular policy towards pensioners, because pensions are not raised by the level of inflation in violation of the current legislation. The pension is not indexed to working pensioners, and those 5000 rubles of one-off payments were received by the northerners without the district coefficient and Northern allowance.’

An anti-fascist movement activist Tatyana Kulbakina in her speech compared opposition of the society to the state in Belarus and Russia and told about persecution of oppositionists.


In Syktyvkar, representatives of large families joined the May Day procession, seeking to abolish the 144th republican law. They called their file "The Trojan carriage" — the protesters decorated balls and clothes with characteristic stickers.

Law No. 144-RZ 'On Amending the Law On Education of the Republic of Komi' provides abolition of compensation for kindergartens for families whose average monthly income exceeds one and a half subsistence minimums.

Photo by Maxim Polyakov

Several families with baby carriages could not immediately agree on their participation in the general demonstration, but in the end they agreed to meet with the vice-speaker of the State Council of Komi Valentina Zhideleva.

In Ukhta, protesters against the 144th law joined the CPRF file. Ukhta police disallowed slogan of activist Oksana Harinova "Labor, May, wealth to every family".

Communists at the rally in Syktyvkar called for the government to resign.


Participation of defrauded co-investors, who protested against the actions of Sana+, in a general demonstration arose problems In Petrozavodsk. Co-investors initially agreed on their participation in the CPRF file, but the police were against their slogans. As a result, the Communists defended their demonstrators and agreed to talk with the police authorities later.

Photo by Sergei Markelov


At the May Day demonstration in Ryazan, the police had claims to the coordinator of the truckers of the region Alexei Borisov. The police decided to "talk" with the activist after he handed over leaflets with the text about the problems of truckers to the honor guests of the event and officials of the regional government. His colleague managed to speak from the rostrum.

Alexey Borisov. Photo by Ekaterina Vulikh


An apolitical and absurdist Monstration took place In Yaroslavl for the fifth time; its purpose was a parody of official slogans. The official May Day demonstration was held nearby. The authorities did not agree the monstrants' route along the roadway, so the activists walking on the sidewalk had to stretch the main banner of the procession at an angle. Opposition politician Dmitry Donskov, who came with the slogan "Mayor has marasmus", had problems with the police. The police were loyal to the slogan "If not Putin, then Mugabe" [the dictator of Zimbabwe] and to the banner with the logo of "United Russia".

Photo by Andrey Strunin

Daniil Kuznetsov, Alexander Borisov, «7x7»


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