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Save Pechora Committee member Ivan Ivanov supported the lawsuit against Norway Government

On the morning of October 18 Greenpeace and the largest network of environmentalists of Norway "Nature and Youth" filed a lawsuit against the Government of Norway in Oslo. The claim was that the authorities have issued 13 licenses to develop oil fields on the Arctic shelf. The government's decision is in contradiction with the Paris agreement on climate change in 2015, which Norway has ratified, taking on a commitment reducing of carbon dioxide emissions.

To draw attention to the event environmentalists from around the world took part In signing the claim. Save Pechora Committee member Ivan Ivanov was among them. He commented on his participation in the campaign for «7x7»:

– It’s a seminal event. Oil production in the Arctic is related to climate change around the world, so there are not only Norwegian organizers in Oslo, in Nobel Center. There are representatives from the US, Canada, Australia – people from all over the world.

– Why are you among them?

– We, I am talking about Save Pechora Committee, have experience. We know about oil spills on land, in rivers, we can assume how this happens in the Arctic.

– And how did you file the claim?

– Just emailed today at nine in the morning. We are here to support the project, to speak about it. We gathered at the courthouse, had a photo shoot, and we will disseminate information about it.

– What was the reason for filing?

– This is a lawsuit to protect the rights of future generations. Such lawsuit was applied in the United States, but they did not find constitutional foundations. However, based on the Constitution, we will be able to recognize the license for the development of an offshore illegal. On the one hand, Norway ratifies the agreement, and on the other – signs development permission.

– Some patriotic citizens think that Greenpeace operates mainly in the interests of the West against Russia, harming the economy, image; such statements were made during attacks on Greenpeace volunteers in Kuban. On the other hand, it is believed that civilized countries don't have environmental problems, and we have.

– I think that there are more enemies of Greenpeace in America than in Russia, and ecologists there may also be considered foreign agents, although in fact it is not even close to true. If we talk about environmental control, it is worse here, and the regulatory framework is not very developed. Nevertheless, no one is immune from major disasters.

– Is it possible to apply claim defending rights of future generations in Russia?

– The very wording would cause laughter in our courts.

– We don't care for future generations?

– Climate is changing so quickly that even we will have time to feel the climate change ourselves.

Ivan Ivanov will speak at the Nobel Peace Center today at 19:30 (link to the broadcast).

Oil production in the Arctic is dangerous for many reasons. Cleaning up oil in these climatic conditions is very difficult, burning it provokes further climate warming, opportunity to fight the effects in case of an accident is very small, and the impact of these effects will stay for decades.

Elena Solovyova, «7x7»


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