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  2. Picket "For humane circus" was held in Petrozavodsk

Picket "For humane circus" was held in Petrozavodsk

In the capital of Karelia, on September 8, the opening day of visiting the circus "Golden Dragon", Petrozavodsk animal rights activists held a picket "For humane circus – For the circus without animals".

About a dozen of environmentalists tried to attract attention of a queue at the entrance of the circus tent. Protesters held posters with scenes of backstage life of animals and details of inhumane taming. Some of the children came to environmentalists to learn more about why they were opposed to the circus with animals. However, most people just did not pay attention to the protesters.

‘We want people to change their mind, turn around, go home and do not go to the circus, to think that animals will not perform tricks for a treat, it's inhumane taming, there is no such thing as humane taming,' organizer of the picket Elina Pavlova told the correspondent of «7x7».

Gleb Yarovoy,«7x7»


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