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  2. "Moral bankruptcy of the government". Picket against the "Yarovaya law" In Syktyvkar

"Moral bankruptcy of the government". Picket against the "Yarovaya law" In Syktyvkar

Participants expressed indignation of the fact of no more bank secrecy and confidentiality of private correspondence in Russia

Picket against the recently adopted anti-terrorist amendments – the so-called "Yarovaya law" – was held on July 26 at Michurinsky park of Syktyvkar. The event gathered about two dozen people along with journalists.


This meeting had no strong promotion. Its organizer, a civil activist Grigory Kablis began to announce the event on social networks, when he received permission to hold it from the city authorities.

At 18:15, 15 minutes before the start of the meeting, only five people came to Michurinsky park. Four policemen watched them from a distance. There appeared more people toward the beginning of the rally – about 20.

Civil society activist Vyacheslav Slyusarev unwrapped the poster, a girl took the Russian flag.

When Gregory Kablis began to align a megaphone, a police officer with a video camera approached the crowd and began to shoot.

The organizer of the rally said that the adopted amendments would allow law enforcers to get full access to phone calls, emails and data traffic of users. According to him, providers and companies that provide telecommunications services are under attack.

'Adherence to banking secrecy and correspondence is now impossible in the country,' Grigory Kablis concluded his speech.

The head of the regional branch of Parnas Leonid Zilberg noted that the "Yarovaya law" actually banned missionary work in the country, so even the Orthodox religious processions could be optionally ruled illegal.

'We are dealing with the moral bankruptcy of the government. Not physical bankruptcy. We have long known about government's dirty little hands, we know that from elections. And now it is necessary to obscure the moral bankruptcy by this repressive law. This is a reaction of a weak power,' Leonid Zilberg said.

Blogger of «7x7» Vladimir Ermilov said that he was sorry for the money that people would pay for carrying out the new amendments, as they go on pointless things.

'"Yarovaya law" is a disgraceful end of the State Duma. The deputies adopted the law of "Dima Yakovlev", this Duma supported the rejection of the Crimea and the war in Ukraine. It was called Gosdura, and maddened printer. All the wacky definitions fit,' said the journalist Igor Bobrakov.

The meeting lasted for about half an hour, after which the audience, including the police, walked away.

The State Duma adopted the "Yarovaya law" (deputy Irina Yarovaya made amendments) on June 24, 2016. It deals with a dozen Russian laws that will affect all Russians. For example, now the people will be judged for non-information (failure to report a crime), justification of terrorism in social networks, and inducement to riots. Operators should keep all recordings of telephone conversations and SMS for six months, which would require them huge investments of money in the construction of storage centers. And companies that own messengers and other channels of communication, must pass keys for decryption to law enforcement officers on their requirements. The other paragraphs of the "Yarovaya law" can be learned from the review on Meduza.


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