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  2. Animal rights activists of Petrozavodsk took to the picket against animal abuse

Animal rights activists of Petrozavodsk took to the picket against animal abuse

The protest was directed against the circus with elephants arrived to the Karelian capital

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About fifty animal rights activists took to the picket against animal abuse in circuses. Coincidentally, on the 19th of June, when animal rights activists among the world celebrate the International Day of elephants in zoos and circuses, there was an opening of a visiting circus with a so-called "giant elephant show" in Petrozavodsk.


Petrozavodsk animal rights activists have decided to take to the picket an hour before the show to tell people about the ill-treatment of the major artists of the circus — animals. Participants of the protest action stocked with colorful posters and leaflets and distributed them to passers-by.



According to the organizers of the picket, they are not against circus in general, they are against the participation of animals in these performances. In their opinion, entertainment can’t be based on violence and cruelty. The participants had no doubt that animals in circuses were beaten.



“I don’t believe that such an animal, like a bear, freedom-loving, beautiful, can be made to do tricks just for a kind word or a carrot. A whip is mainly made of iron. And it's not only whips they also use electric shockers,” the picket organizer Alexandra Tarasova told to "7x7". “We are not against circuses. There are so many different genres, which shows the top of human capabilities, the incredible beauty of the human body, gymnasts, bump artists. The civilized world has rejected the use of animals in performances.”

Administrator of the arrived circus also expressed his attitude to the protest. According to him, people gathered at the picket just wanted to seek publicity. He also said that all their animals were well fed, cared for, and there was not a single case of death of animals.



“There will always be people who are against it, there will always be those who are for. There is no escaping it. I can honestly say, without hiding, there are people wearing leather boots, and they come and shout that they are against cruelty to animals. There are people who say about cruelty, and then they come home and eat cutlets there,” the manager of "Entrepreneur" LLC Sergei Danilchenko said.

Simultaneously, a group of teenagers held a counter rally "For a circus". However, their picket was not coordinated, so the police asked the crowd to disperse. But the manager Sergei promised the defenders of circus tickets for the show.

Nevertheless, the protesters against the show stood near the circus tent for about 3.5 hours, before the show, during and after, with the hope to convince people not to attend such shows.

Gleb Yarovoy, «7x7»

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