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Undesirable activists were kept out of a meeting on environmental safety in Usinsk

A panel discussion was held in the city administration instead of a forthcoming rally in the village of Mutny Materik

Villagers of Mutny Materik intended to take to the rally on June 24. However, in response to the notice filed to the administration of Usinsk, the initiative group was denied to coordinate it. Instead of the protest event in the small hall of the Usinsk administration, there was a round table attended by people from rural settlements of the urban district, oilers and officials.

Photo: Ivan Ivanov
Photo: Ivan Ivanov

Let us recall that the first holding of such meeting against the activities of oil companies operating in the territory of the municipality and regularly violating environmental laws took place in early June in the Usinsk district of the republic. 187 people took to the street of Ust-Usa on that day; the result of the event was the adoption of a strong resolution.

According to the Save the Pechora Committee, a round table began with an incident which happened right at the entrance to the hall.

There was a list, and at first people were called over. "Undesirable figures most likely would have remained at the door, if members of the Save the Pechora Committee from Pechora, Izhma and Nizhny Odes, and also Mr. Nesterenko — CEO of “RN - Northern Oil” LLC — who came to the meeting didn’t interfere in the situation. Finally a deputy of the District Council standing at the door let all the guests pass," — stated the report of the Save the Pechora Committee.

Member of the Committee, an activist from Nizhny Odes Ivan Ivanov explained «7x7», that they were trying not to let in three activists from Kolva and resident of Ust-Usa, who had an incident with police officers regarding his poster about governor Vyacheslav Gayzer at the first meeting on June 5.

“For the record: the event was attended by 13 representatives of oil companies, 11 deputies, heads of administrations of 6 villages, 12 residents of villages, 4 members of the Save the Pechora Committee, one member of "Komi Voityr" and the head of the Usinsk administration Stanislav Hahalkin. Speeches of Schelyabozh and Mutny Materik were decent. However, heads of the settlement administrations said that they won’t survive without oilers. General Director of "LUKOIL-Komi" LLC Pyotr Oboronkov prepared formally. There was no dialogue! They would shove through any decision,” Ivan Ivanov commented.

Social activists say: at the end of the meeting the participants were proposed a resolution which was difficult to oppose, as it doesn’t contain any specific proposals or requirements — only to "improve", "perfect", "develop".

The Save the Pechora Committee proposed specific requirements based on preliminary discussions with the initiative group. Head of the Usinsk administration S. Hahalkin didn’t put public proposals to vote, stipulating that they will be taken into account by the working commission on cooperation of oil companies and members of the public area of the Usinsk district and the Save the Pechora Committee set up under the head of the Usinsk administration. (Read more)

"In short, the concerns of residents of oil production regions remained unanswered. Problems without any solutions", — the Committee underlined.

Meanwhile «7x7» offers its readers an official press release of "LUKOIL-Komi" LLC from the round table:

"June 24, all those who are indifferent to their native land gathered in a small hall of the municipal administration of the oil capital of the Komi Republic.

The uniqueness of the event was that leaders of the oil-producing enterprises, rural residents, deputies, representatives of urban and rural administrations, as well as public conservation organizations were brought to the same table.

Everyone had an opportunity to express his views on a topic of interest, and most took advantage of it.

As it turned out, the villagers first of all worried if any development of new fields wouldn’t cause environmental damage in areas of production activities of oil companies. In turn, oilers put forward a lot of arguments — from the full implementation of environmental protection measures to significant investments in the social sector and infrastructure of villages — in favor of continuing active development of the areas.

In particular, the General Director of "LUKOIL-Komi" LLC Pyotr Oboronkov in his speech talked about the main activities of the company in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, on the production and economic progress, plans of the company. He also answered a number of questions.

According to most of the round table participants, generally the last meeting can be called productive. Confirmation of this was the adoption of an open voting resolution, which provides the establishment of a public commission to oversee economic activities of oil companies. Executives of the last put on notice a number of wishes of the villagers.

During the constructive dialogue it was also noted that many of the most troubling issues require joint decision of all the parties concerned. It is planned to hold such meetings on a regular basis".

Yaroslava Parkhacheva, «7x7»

Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/43946


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