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  2. Deadline to investigate the causes and effects of oil spill on the Kolva river — a month

Deadline to investigate the causes and effects of oil spill on the Kolva river — a month

Environmental activists don’t believe in the correctness of the conclusions to be made by the Commission

A special commission of representatives of Rostechnadzor and Rosprirodnadzor in Komi investigates the causes and consequences of another oil spill on Kolva in the Usinsk district of the republic.

A deadline is a month, which is calculated over the date of the incident. «7x7» was reported about it in Pechora environmental interdistrict prosecutor's office.

The supervisory agency explained: the accident happened on April 9, the fact of depressurization was established; there was a breakthrough of a gasket, connecting blind joints and steaming pipeline riser.

Let us recall that activists of Save the Pechora Committee were the first who posted information about the spill on their website. Environmentalists said that, according to them, the oil spilled into a stream first, located above the first bridge of the Usinsk — Kharyaga road. Liquid flowed over the surface of the ice, it was trying to be stopped, but this has not been achieved. The source of the emergency oil spill is an oil pumping facility "LUKOIL-Komi" LLC.

Besides, environmentalists assessed the magnitude of the spill in 3000 cubic meters. However, environmental prosecutor's office gives other numbers now, at the investigation stage. Also preliminary.

“At first "LUKOIL — Komi" LLC provided us with information about 10 cubes of spill. We can talk about 22 cubes as yet. Samples at the scene were taken out of the stream and of Kolva. It will be more accurate to talk about the spill volumes, material and environmental damage with the results of examinations,” — the supervisory agency added.

“The exact amounts of the spill are no longer available, if oily liquid is gone down the river,” — activist of the Pechora Rescue Committee Valentina Semyashkina shared with «7x7» her pessimistic forecasts.

Photo: Save the Pechora Committee

Yaroslava Parkhacheva , «7x7»

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