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Freedom of assembly has fallen in price

Murmansk court acted a human rights defender Alexander Peredruk to collect the legal costs in the case of challenging the St. Petersburg law on public events

A meeting of the Pervomaisky Murmansk District Court on the laying legal costs at the human rights defender Alexander Peredruk was held on April 9.

The Executive Body of the city on the Neva River asked the presiding Knyazheskaya to collect 33,615 rubles in its favor. These are expenses associated with the proceedings.

Alexander Peredruk began the appeal process of the Petersburg law on meetings in the court at the place of registration (ie, in Murmansk), and the case is currently waiting for proceedings in the European Court of Human Rights and the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. Human rights defender believes that a new statutory wording, prohibiting the holding of public acts on the Nevsky Prospekt and central squares of St. Petersburg, violates the rights of people.

Judge Knyazheskaya adjourned at first glance a simple case twice, but two weeks later partially satisfied the demands of the authorities of St. Petersburg. However, the sum of recovery decreased more than twofold and reached 15 thousand rubles.

Correspondent of «7x7» asked the human rights defender about his further plans to appeal the St. Petersburg law on meetings and today's decision.

“I am absolutely not surprised by this outcome,” Alexander Peredruk said. “The judge brushed aside 5 sheets of arguments by one sentence — in her opinion, I misunderstand the law. At the same time the court didn’t bother to specify how it needs to be understood. I will file a special appeal, obviously. By the way, the court made a bad bargain — cut a price of the law by almost 20,000".


It is noteworthy that during the trial of the Pervomaisky court the defender received a letter from the European Court of Human Rights, in which he was informed of the complaint registration and assigning a case number.

“I must inform the ECHR on today's decision,” Peredruk said. “I am sure that the Strasbourg court will ask the representatives of the Russian authorities the question about it at the communication stage”.


According to Alexander Peredruk, he doesn’t exclude the possibility of filing a new complaint, but in connection with the violation of the right to a fair trial.

However, due to the statements of the Russian delegation to the PACE a task can be very complicated: Russia's possible withdrawal will block access of Russians to the European Court.

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