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Free Raskhod!

Against all the odds activists and human rights defenders of Murmansk held a solidarity action

Today, despite of a rather cold north wind a support group of Alexey Raskhodchikov — an activist recently convicted of attempted use of force against a public officer — gathered for a solidarity picket in Murmansk.


However, it has become quite a tedious task even to achieve a carrying out of the event. According to the picketers, they lodged notifications on the picket for two days — April 1 and 2 — in three different places — near the monument to Lenin, on the 5 corners Square and also in the city's central park. Administration of Murmansk didn’t approve none of the options proposed by activists and suggested them to picket near the monument to the anti-Hitler coalition.

“We had no choice but to accept the proposal of the administration,” one of the organizers of the picket Pavel Kamenev says. “Otherwise, we simply would not be able to hold a rally in support of our friend and comrade”.

And the authorities have actually banned the support events, scheduled for April 2.

“Organizers were refused to approve all three notifications,” said human rights defender Alexander Peredruk. “Regional Youth Council for Human Rights of the Murmansk region took the case under control, and today I have already filed a complaint to the Oktyabrsky district court”.

But, despite all the difficulties, 15 people went to a public event today. They held a banner "Free Raskhod!" and handed out leaflets.


“We carry out the action in advance of the trial, knowing that Lyosha himself is watching the TV in colony, and it will invigorate him,” one of the participants Alexander Chyorny says. “We continue to consider the verdict and the whole case to be fabricated, but there is a little hope that the appeal court will change the verdict. This is a machine, system, and it goes down a trodden path without trying to get around the "irregularities" in the form of people and destinies.


Let us recall that the meeting on the appeal of Alexey Raskhodchikov is scheduled for tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. and will be held in the Murmansk regional court.


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/40074

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