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One step closer to the ACS

The draftee of the Voronezh region Yevgeny Plahutin got a chance to cancel the criminal case

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Yevgeny Plahutin is a 20-year-old draftee from Kantemirovsky district who is trying to achieve the right to do the alternative civilian service, not for religious reasons (which happens quite often), but because of his "anti-militarist civil position". March 13, he won proceedings in the Voronezh regional court: now he is able to judicially challenge the illegal issuance of draft notices again. And this is an opportunity to stop the prosecution.


We will briefly recall the core of the story. In October 2013, Eugene filed for substitution of military service with an alternative one. Application was accepted and registered in accordance with the established procedure. But the recruitment commission, rather than to consider it at a meeting and adjudicate on the substitution of service or refusal of it, issued the draftee a notice for a medical examination and for the passage of the draft board. While the young man sought a response for substitution of military service with the ACS, they opened a criminal case for failing to appear on a medical examination under article "Evasion of military or alternative civilian service". Yevgeny tried to appeal the illegal issuance of draft notices in the Kantemirovsk district court — he was turned down. Voronezh regional court found the refusal unlawful — it will be reviewed again. If the notices will still be deemed illegal, it will be another reason for the cancellation of the criminal case.


Tomorrow, on March 14, two trials will be held within the criminal case. The first session will begin at 10:30, where Yevgeny will appeal the decision to open a criminal case against him. Session Two at 11:00: Plahutin will appeal the appointment card to a medical examination. Yevgeny is supported by the “Soldiers' Mothers of St. Petersburg” and the Human Rights House in Voronezh.


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/39124

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