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  2. Kirov activists of the "Autonomous Action" voiced protest against bringing of Russian troops to Ukraine

Kirov activists of the "Autonomous Action" voiced protest against bringing of Russian troops to Ukraine

"We don’t need another Putin’s massacre" — activists took to the streets of the regional center under this slogan

On March 2, activists of the "Autonomous Action" conducted a series of pickets against the bringing of Russian troops to Ukraine.


Let us recall that yesterday the upper house of Russian parliament unanimously approved the request of Vladimir Putin to use the armed forces on the territory of Ukraine "till the normalization of the political situation in this country". Hereupon, the acting President of Ukraine Aleksander Turchinov interpreted the actions of the Russian authorities as a military aggression and gave the order to put the Ukrainian armed forces on full alert.


During the anti-war pickets in Kirov "autonomy" threw-away leaflets with the position of activists. "Many people after reading our leaflets were surprised with lies, claimed by the official government sources to be truth, particularly television," participant of one-person pickets Mikhail Nikolayev told «7x7».


The co-organizer of a series of one-person pickets Sergey Perminov shared his opinion on the military operation of Russian troops on the territory of Ukraine with «7x7»:


"From our point of view, the war started in order to preserve and increase the assets of Russian oligarchs and oligarchs of the grouping of former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych. Military aggression is a far-reaching question for the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, and, above all, for the population of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Ukrainian industrial regions in the southeast. For Russia, the beginning of military aggression threatens to gain dictatorship, repression, chauvinistic hysteria with which the Russian ruling elite seeks to neutralize public discontent against the backdrop of a growing economic crisis. Today, the struggle for freedom in Russia is a struggle against the political crazy attempts of government in place trying to postpone its end through military aggression."


Let’s add that on March 2 residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg also joined antiwar actions. As a result of protests, dozens of people, outraged with military aggression of the Russian authorities, were detained by police.


Sergey Zhilin, «7x7»



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