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  2. Police investigate an arson near apartment of a chairman of the Komi Memorial Human Rights Commission Igor Sazhin

Police investigate an arson near apartment of a chairman of the Komi Memorial Human Rights Commission Igor Sazhin

But they refrain from commenting yet

Members of the Ministry of the Interior in Syktyvkar fingerprinted in the entrance hall of the chairman of the Komi Memorial Human Rights Commission Igor Sazhin, where an unidentified man set fire at the mat of the apartment of the human rights activist, Igor Sazhin reported.


Let us recall that the incident happened at about 9 p.m. on February 12. Unknown man used an inflammable mixture to burn mat near the apartment of Igor Sazhin. Human rights activist was in another city at that moment. His wife informed him about it.


“Neighbors, who noticed the fire, called my wife. She went out and put out the rug, but then the firemen came. They were apparently called by neighbors. About an hour later the police also came to us,” the chairman of the Komi Memorial Human Rights Commission said.


In his blog Igor Sazhin wrote that he considered arson a violent signal of the neo-Nazi of Syktyvkar. Human rights activist recalled that a few days ago the Syktyvkar City Court sentenced one of the activists of the neo-Nazi organization «Rubezh Severa» for the fact that in May of last year during a neo-Nazi attack on the meeting of the Komi Memorial Human Rights Commission he hit him twice.


“I have no debts, conflict zones, I don’t do business. That's why I suppose that the arson may be related to the situation in court. I emanate from a simple scheme — to whom it may be beneficial. Neo-Nazis also live by the rules of neds — you're a man or not a man. To be a man, it is necessary to make some sort of action, and it’s clearly not legal. The boys and teens fall for it,” concluded Igor Sazhin.


The arson was recorded by surveillance camera in the stairwell of a human rights defender. According to him, he established this technique after the unknown pasted on stickers "Here lives a foreign agent" to doors of apartments of human rights defenders last year. Record of the incident was passed to the police, but they refrain from commenting yet.


Board member of the Human Rights under the President of the Russian Federation and the head of the Permanent Commission on Human Rights abroad Andrei Yurov said that Igor Sazhin smarted for his social activities.


“I'm not an investigator, and I don’t know whether these episodes (arson and trial of activist of «Rubezh Severa» — «7х7») are interconnected. It’s clear that this (this and that) — is a complete disgrace. But there is a reason to believe that either these episodes are related, or in any case Igor Sazhin suffered for his human rights work. Because he doesn’t carry on commercial or public activity. The angry neighbor  hardly did this because Sazhin parks his car to the wrong place,” Andrei Yurov said.


«7х7» recalls other instances of threats and pressure on human rights defenders.


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Maxim Polyakov, «7x7»


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/37756

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