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  2. Alexey Raskhodchikov got a term of 1 year in general regime penal colony

Alexey Raskhodchikov got a term of 1 year in general regime penal colony

"The arguments of the defense were not confirmed," the judge Alekseeva considered, sentencing Raskhodchikov to a real term of imprisonment

One year of the general regime penal colony. This is the outcome of the criminal case against Alexey Raskhodchikov. Let us recall that according to investigators, on the night of 22 to 23 July 2013 Raskhodchikov was stopped in the city center by the patrol and inspection service squad. Refusing to meet requirements of the police, Alexey allegedly resisted, after which he was arrested and taken to the Oktyabrsky District Department of Internal Affairs. The same night Raskhodchikov with the recorded bruisings was released, but a week later a case was opened against him. Allegedly during the scuffle he cut the policeman. All the autumn of last year Raskhodchikov was confined to his flat.


Photo: Alexander Borisov


Today in the Oktyabrsky court a final meeting was held in Murmansk. It was held in two stages. At 12 o'clock, the judge heard the last word of the accused. Alexey was laconic and almost repeated what has said earlier: considers himself to be absolutely innocent and all charges against him are totally baseless. Then before the verdict was adjourned a break till 15 hours.


Since before the announcement of the verdict Alexey made a comment on his case for «7x7»:


“I'm ready for any outcome, but I will only be fine with acquitting judgment. I am going to appeal any other sentence, as I consider myself completely innocent. I think the evidence and testimony would convince the court of my innocence.


I believe that my case is significant. It shows the incompetence and criminal attitude of a number of police officers to their duties. From lower to middle management, and in the case of my justification several criminal cases against police officers have to be opened.”


Around 15:20 judge began reading the final sentence. Arguments of the defense were not confirmed.


“As a result of criminal acts of Raskhodchikov Eliseev had the following body injury: multiple small point, designated as degloving in medical note from the injury care center, in the amount of 9 multiple cuts of the hands, which are regarded as "not causing harm to health". Thus Raskhodchikov violated against Eliseev, it was dangerous to life and health, which though didn’t entail any damage to health, but at the time of its application created a real risk of such damage,” that is the verbatim transcript of the speech of judge Alekseeva.


We give one more quote: "Testimony of Raskhodchikov is refuted by studied at the hearing videotape of the incident, which recorded a fight between a police officer Eliseev and Raskhodchikov."



The video prepared by the SeverPost site shows that a knife appears after the arrival of the "reinforcements", but this fact didn’t convince the judge


The court, without mentioning that there were no traces of blood of the victim on the knife, no fingerprints of Raskhodchikov and criticizing all the statements of witnesses in the defendant’s favor, sentenced him to imprisonment, "because only this type of punishment is consistent with the objectives of correction and prevention of new crimes." At the same time, according to the court, the defendant's correction is possible only with the real service of sentence. In determining the sentence, the court took into account the lack of serious consequences and his young age.


The outcome: 1 year in colony with a strict regime on paragraph 2 of Article 318. Handcuffs were put on Alexey Raskhodchikov right in the courtroom. Girls who came to support the guy couldn’t hold back the tears. The prosecution agreed with the verdict, although initially asked for 2 years of imprisonment.


“I suppose that the court delivered a just sentence, fixed a penalty. Generally it is fair, the prosecution requested a little more, but generally we remained satisfied with the verdict,” Senior Assistant of the Attorney of Oktyabrsky District Elena Donetskaya said.



Video: "Arctic TV"


Now the defense has 10 days to appeal the verdict. By the way, Raskhodchikov has been confined to his flat for four months — so that in the colony, if he still gets there, he won’t spend a year, but only eight months.


Alexander Borisov, «7x7»


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/37582


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