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  2. Head of "Rusvietpetro" Ltd pleaded guilty in oil spill on the Colva river

Head of "Rusvietpetro" Ltd pleaded guilty in oil spill on the Colva river

Criminal case has been sent for approval of indictment to the prosecutor of Usinsk

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Upon the accident of the oil company "Rusvietpetro", which resulted an oil spill in the Colva river in the Usinsk area, all the necessary investigations were made. The head of the Investigation Department of Komi Nikolai Basmanov told in a press conference of the security forces of the region.


Photo: A. Popov


According to him, the chief executive was accused of offenses under Articles Part 2 of Art. 237 (concealing the facts posing a threat to human health and the environment), Art. 246 (violation of environmental regulations in the operations) and Part 1 of Art. 250 (water pollution).


“The case was sent to the prosecutor of Usinsk for approval of indictment with the following direction to the court. The defendant's guilt was fully confirmed, a pipeline was built with flagrant violations of safety rules. I would like to express thanks to the activists and the media who were not left behind. On the basis of their applications, prosecution service has inspected and passed the materials to us, and we entered an action,” Nikolai Basmanov said.


Let us recall that the oil spill in the Usinsk area, according to various sources, was recorded over the 21th to 24th of May period. The reason voiced in the ministry is the decompression of pipeline in its passage through the inflow of the Colva river into the Vozeyshor creek. Under the lease contract the responsibility for possible emergency situations rests with “Rusvietpetro” Ltd.


Established that the spill on the river occurred in November previous year. Oil company intended to liquidate the consequences of the accident before the flood but not in time. As a result, oil fell in the Colva river, and an oil slick stretched on more than 220 kilometers, reaching rivers Usa and Pechora, causing huge damage to nature.


In addition, on June 26 another incident happened in the Usinsk area, which «7x7» learned about from social activist of Ust-Usa: during loading the tanks with oil on the barge the content fell into the water.


At the time of arrival of experts the total area of ​​contamination reaches 150 square meters. After the publication of information on our website it was confirmed by the environmental prosecutor's office of Pechora.


Ministry of natural resources and environmental protection of the Republic of Komi proposed the parliament to come up with a legislative initiative on criminal liability for concealment, intentional misrepresentation and out-of-sequence report of complete and accurate information about the state of environment, the consequences of which lead to emergency situations. However, whether there will be any document, remains unclear.


Viсtor Ivanov , «7x7»


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/item/35311?r=komi

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