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Gay Parade in Yaroslavl

Алан Ерох
Алан Ерох
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That's how the media called it.

In fact, I just took the LGBT flag to the May 1st procession. I was alone, with a friend running nearby making photos.

I was scared. When I went alone to the column, my friend was not around. I was alone among a bunch of people and took the flag out. Whether they would beat or detain me, lawyer's card was in my bag.

After 10 minutes, my hands are numb, I put them down. The guy comes up.

"Take it away."


"Take it away, or you know where I'll put it."

"Do not threaten me."

He goes to some guy in a strange uniform, who accompanies the procession. Remember this dude, I'll mention him later.

So, I raise the flag again. Reporter is running around. I intuitively guess where she came from. She's on the cover of the event on their website. They are the ones who called me a gay parade.

I put my hands down again. And here comes another man with the same threats, goes to the same guy.

I pass the police, the flag flutters in the wind. I do not look in their direction, but observe with a lateral sight. No reaction. Whew!

"What's the flag?"

"LGBT people. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender."

"Ew, gross, take it away."

I go further.

I see that dude is coming to the police and pointing at me. I do not hear a dialogue, they are far away, but my friend is right behind them. She retells me later:

"What shall we do with her?"

"Do we need to do something?"

Nice. I love the Yaroslavl police. Everything is calm for the second time.

We reach the square, the end of the procession. I remove the flag and overhear: "That's right, take it away." In a commanding tone. Do they really think I follow their orders?

I consider this a success. Everything is calm, but the fuss was made. What a relief. I'm smoking.

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