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  2. Usinsk. Conference on the detection of oil spills. Part 3: The practice in the field. Waste disposals. Fellings

Usinsk. Conference on the detection of oil spills. Part 3: The practice in the field. Waste disposals. Fellings

Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов
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Location: Urban District Usinsk. Date: 07/15/2015

The objects of our research: illegal dumps and municipal solid waste landfill.

The trip preceded by a lecture of Arkady and Anastasia Ivanovy (Greenpeace Russia) on violations at SPNR and landfills, irregularities in logging.

Among other things we are guided by the Federal Law "On Environmental Protection", the Federal Law "On Production and Consumption Waste" and "Regulations on the design, operation, and reclamation of landfills for solid domestic waste".

Garbage. In my intuitive theory of doomsday the planet more likely dies from garbage than from wars. From my point of view, relation to garbage is an indicator of the level of civility of a society.

The first inspected object - illegal dumps near the village of Kolva. (65g 59m 03,7s NL 57g 20m 29,3s EL).

There are fluorescent lights among domestic and industrial waste. The barrels with unknown oily liquid with a smell of oil in the riverbed nearby. We measure area, classify waste.



The next stop is on the plot pole on the road.



We interpret. Here's a cheat sheet from the presentation of Arkady Ivanov.



The next unauthorized relatively small dump is on the outskirts of the village of Kolva. We also meet the head of the settlement here.



According to him, the residents themselves are undisciplined. Removal of solid waste is organized. Free of charge for residents. Infrequently. There is a problem with loading. On the staff of the state administration, there are the head, two accountants and secretary. According to a local resident, removal of solid waste is free of charge for residents only the first month. Previously, it cost 100 rubles a bag (standard).

We leave Kolva, and go to the Usinsk landfill of solid waste.



Notice a violation at once.



This bath for rinsing wheels on the road must be filled with a solution of Lysol and sawdust. There are also no traces of transport.

The cries of gulls on the coast (destruction of associations).



A short story of the landfill worker about technology.

Humans and dogs inhabit the vicinity of the landfill (a pack up to 50 dogs, but we have not seen them). No bears. We move around the perimeter without going to the fenced area. What is there at the back entrance?

The area around the landfill is partially contaminated with waste (wind). There has been no compliance with the technology in the intermediate insulation of a compacted layer of solid waste, partly there are no fence around the perimeter of the landfill (either trench depth of over 2 m or the shaft of more than 3 m).



We detected a forest felling with no signs of leadaway.



There is a ditch with a stream adjacent to the boundary of the landfill. Presumably the ditch falls into the creek Bolbanyel, creating a risk of contamination of rivers.



We had an amusing incident. Almost at the end of bypass, we were visited by the chief engineer of the polygon. Quaint person (inspired by the dashing 90s - "Boomer", "Brigade", etc.). "We're working here, people in the know", I conjecture. He had a funny dispute with the driver.



Processing in the evening. Purging of weedy lungs.



The team composed four appeals at the end of the day.

More on the solid waste landfill (from the appeal): "According to the inventory information on the site, the category of lands with the landfill is classified as "lands of settlements". This is contrary to para. 5, Art. 12 of the Federal Law of 24.06.1998 N 89- Federal Law "On Production and Consumption Waste", which prohibits the dumping of waste within the boundaries of settlements. This provision was explained by letter of Ministry of Russia from 29.01.2015 N 05-12-44 / 1803 "On the issue of placement of waste disposal facilities within the boundaries of the village".

In the near future, I intend to examine a landfill of Nizhny Odes. Is there any fence?


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