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Resident of Yoshkar-Ola is in danger

Сергей Подузов
Сергей Подузов
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A resident of the city of Yoshkar-Ola is in danger. The office of the Joint Mobile Group operating in the Chechen Republic was attacked for the second time. Support guys.

Babinets Sergei, Danila Chendemerov, and Albert Nealbert

Oleg Khabibrakhmanov: "The door to the office was broken, they began to defeat the residential apartment. No police at the site. According to their leisurely actions, mobs knew in advance that the police should not be expected. This action was clearly planned and coordinated with the local police. The last message: "machinery was destroyed. communication with the apartment was lost". We didn’t get more online information from the place. JMG staff went to ground in Chechnya." (My colleagues Danila Chendemerov and Albert Nealbert are in Grozny today; hang in there, guys, we are with you!!!)


I know myself that this situation is not easy. Please support guys with personal message or post on the wall. Thank you.

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