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Komi nationalists in the ranks of the "Azov" battalion

Павел Андреев
Павел Андреев
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The main danger of ultra-right organizations to society is that they justify and encourage violence, prepare bayonets for a potential massacre. Now this massacre takes place in Ukraine, where the Nazis of all stripes are fighting in the opposite trenches.

The open question is what they or their colleagues will do at home. Until recently, everything "limited" to targeted killings of anti-fascists.

I suggest to read and discuss the material of "Mediazona": "Here’s another for the rank" about the new soldier of the "Azov" battalion Alexei Kozhemyakin, activist of "Rubezh Severa", who fled to Ukraine with a luggage of criminal cases against him.

"It is unknown when Kozhemyakin appeared in Ukraine. The correspondent of "Mediazona" identified him on one of the photos of the "Azov" battalion, which appeared in the official group of the armed unit in the social network "VKontakte ". Neo-Nazis, known among the Komi far-right groups as Kolovrat, is posing in camouflage with other members of the ATO. Comments to the post, dated January 3, state that the photos were taken at Mikhailovskaya Square in Kiev before sending soldiers into a war zone."


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