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Green river — green shore

Григорий Поскребышев
Григорий Поскребышев
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Over the past months, journalists and locals of the South-West region asked me about the green water on the segment of the river between Solnechnaya and Proizvodstvennaya streets of Kirov.

It is worth noting that this situation has become the norm for the river Lyulchenka. There is an idea: "Lyulchenka" to be renamed "Green River"))) Heating systems, as well as the city water system, are used and constantly spring a leak. An organic dye — uraninite A — is used for allocation.

Fluorescent dye is used everywhere. So, it determines the direction of groundwater movement in the oil industry, and even medicine. The only contraindication — it is not recommended to use it to quench your thirst. A result may be the pressure drop, bowel disorder and allergy.

In order to understand the situation in detail, our organization will send the appropriate requests to the regulatory authorities, local authorities, local energy workers and deputies. According to the results, after accumulating all the information, we will provide you with a more detailed picture of the "green river".


However, it will not be soon.

We asked a local Federal Service on Customers' Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance about quality of bottled water sold in the territory of the Kirov region, to publish this information in the media. They gave a typical run-around. Apparently, this information is confidential and not available to the public.

Only the few have access to it.



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