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Леонид Зильберг
Леонид Зильберг
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When you start thinking about how the Western countries operate and how they manage to intervene so little in the lives of local communities (which is especially noticeable on the background of quite monstrous growth of tentacles, claws and other creepy appendages of the Russian state), you understand what a significant power have such structures, as, for example, the most common condominium.

You must mow this damned grass and weed this ragweed, because your neighbors may be allergic. Don’t try to hang anything on the facade or to glaze anything the wrong way, to dig a swimming pool and breed mosquitoes — forget it. Unless otherwise specified, of course.

Well, a dime a dozen of restrictions, they are burdensome, and ascendency of neighbors over you is significant.

Sometimes it sounds redundant. And maybe it is redundant. Just try to arrive to such condominium and to park near your friends’ house, if they didn’t warn their neighbors. The police would be there in a minute. This is bad, isn’t it? But a car with explosives will also never park at your facade, and no robber and rapist won’t slip out. That’s the way it works, and it is regarded as the basis of safe and orderly life more than anything else.

Transport, Internet, social networks, multinational companies, tourism, freelancing, migration — all this has made the world very compact.

It shrank to the size of the condominium.

And one very big and very anarchic country-household dug holes on its site, made puddles, and reared weeds...

Well, of course, it is because of the high level spirituality (duhovitosti, zapashistosti?) we've got such huge mosquitoes, very creative bugs, such a stunningly distinctive cockroaches!

Recently, I was almost in tears reading inspired Roman Nosikov: he did the impossible — almost convinced me in inescapable envy of the world to our country, solely owing all these mosquito-bug wealth!

Alas, the prose of life won. When puddles, turned into ponds, began to produce crocodiles instead of toads; when crocodiles have strongly bitten one of our nearest neighbors — rules of condominium came into action: as a first step, a negligent participant will be given heavy fines, but he can be also evicted by the court.

How is it possible in the world of condominiums-states? Nobody really knows yet, but the Anglo-Saxon law is precedent-setting — and we are those who will become this precedent. All in all, we have no one to blame but ourselves: because of our notorious reluctance to look after our country, to change the bosses timely, not to let them get completely brazen because of impunity, we will bring misfortune upon us ourselves.

To keep all this strelkovo-mizulinsko-kurginyanskuyu evil on a chain is our care, but we seem to have failed.


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