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  2. Yesterday another trial of Alexey Raskhodchikov was cancelled

Yesterday another trial of Alexey Raskhodchikov was cancelled

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Татьяна Кульбакина
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Yesterday (August 7), a hearing on the issue of parole had to be held on the complaint of lawyer in favor of the convicted anti-fascist Alexey Raskhodchikov.

From 09:00 supporters and friends of Alexey took to the streets with solidarity pickets in protest against fabricated criminal case against Raskhodchikov. Let us recall that last summer the antifascist was severely detained by patrol officers, his health was impaired, the doctors have put him a few stitches in the head. However, the case has already became classic — they began to prosecute Alexey instead, and the police came off clear.

Pickets were held at the place of beating Raskhodchikov — at the central town Fve Corners square, near the shopping center "Volna", and next to the Police Department, whose officers beat Alexey.

It is noteworthy that law enforcement officers have distinguished by legal ignorance again and threatened human rights activist Irina Paykacheva with detention. But it was just a blind threat. At the same time passersby were well disposed — they supported activists and approved their pickets.

Despite the scheduled meeting, it was called off. The official reason was that the alleged storm that passed over a week ago (!) damaged equipment for conference calls with the colony, and Alexey Raskhodchikov couldn’t take part in the hearing.

Another session will take place on August 12 at 14:20 in the Murmansk Regional Court (Pushkinskaya street, 3A, hall №1)

And we remind you that there is the easiest way to support Alexey — to write him a letter. It is more convenient to come to the court on August 12 and send letters with us, or send to the address:

Raskhodchikov A. V., Correctional colony №20, Magistralnaya street 95, Zelenoborsky, Kandalakshsky district, Murmansk region, 184042, Russian Federation

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