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Fresh press! A year later...

Виталий Брамм
Виталий Брамм
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Это личный блог. Текст мог быть написан в интересах автора или сторонних лиц. Редакция 7x7 не причастна к его созданию и может не разделять мнение автора. Регистрация блогов на 7x7 открыта для авторов различных взглядов.

Well, it may be said that we did it — newspapers "For Navalny", confiscated a year ago, were returned today. It’s important that they were returned 3 hours before the hearing, where the court would probably order it to be returned.


A year has passed, but the information remained relevant. They are still trying to lock up Navalny, but but for another thin case; projects he created to help citizens in the fight for their rights and quality of life are working; money were embezzeled at the Olympics instead of building hospitals/schools/factories/kindergardens/roads in the country and everything else that is important for citizens.

So expect in your mailboxes.


Let me remind you that in the meantime we continue to raise funds for the newspaper "Popular Politics". This information won’t be told on TV, so it is imperative to inform ourselves!


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/42196

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