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Committee in Izhma, meeting in Krasnobor. Lukoil, for crying out loud go away!

Иван Иванов
Иван Иванов
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I was in Izhma for the third time. Definitely, there is something mystical, and people have a special energy. One day a meteorite falls, another day a plane survives by a miracle, Izhemtsy defended a Sebys reserve in due time, moved a dump, carefully preserve Komi culture and language. Well, in general they worth respect and adopting experience from all sides.

The reasons for the trip were the meeting of Save the Pechora Committee and meeting in Krasnobor, the driving force was my interest.

Committee. 29.03.2014

They met us in Ireayol and on the way immediately drove to the construction site of the pipeline from the booster pump station Yuzhno-Sedmesskaya to Ireayol in its crossing — the Fedyol stream.

Violations of khors are not accorded with the republican authorities and the local population.

We were sitting in the building of agricultural directorate in Izhma.

Among members of Save the Pechora Committee there were also spokesmen of LUKOIL-Komi, of administration, civil defense and emergencies.

There were a few questions:

Tretyakov Mikhail Vasilyevich told about the results of the public hearings on the Jarega mine water utilization project of Lukoil in Sosnogorsk and Ukhta. The participants didn’t approve the project, but it is non-regulatory.

Pipe is planned to be laid on intact forests, across the upper reaches of streams near the Sedyussky complex reserve without geological research. Such option seemed to be unacceptable to members of Save the Pechora Committee. The option offered by social activists — to increase processing of mine water (distilled water and salt at the output).

More information on Jarega: Lukoil plans to increase oil production in Jarega 5 times in the next 10 years. On titanium production: 600 tons of liquid chlorine will be stored in Jarega.

Discussed the recent positive news on the construction of disposal facilities. It’s too early to rejoice.

Vladimir Chuprov from Greenpeace Russia told about the Greenpeace initiatives for changes in environmental legislation, mercilessly made over the interests of natural resource users lately.

The proposed variant on the actions of LUKOIL-Komi in the Izhemsky district with the prohibition of activities initially seemed unreal to me. But it seemed to me that a direct expression of the people’s will can be a success under total madness and lawlessness conditions. Why not? In point of fact, how is it possible to negotiate with the company completely ignoring the local population? The result is a draft resolution of the upcoming meeting.

Meeting in Krasnobor. 30.03.2014

Before the meeting Fyodor Terentyev, Yevgeny Usov from Greenpeace Russia and us drove to the place of the accidental spill of floating oil on the pipeline Makaryel — Shelyayur under March 6, 2014.

We certainly haven’t seen any oil — everything is filled up with fresh soil and snow.

A significant area of forest lands is affected. Fyodor Fyodorovich explained how Lukoil passes administrative and criminal liability for damage of forests — within the license areas of oil production, they rent areas of forest lands for 50 years without problems.

It remains to find where Lukoil hid such an amount of contaminated soil.


The meeting was held at the community center of Krasnobor. On the way someone informed that the head of the district administration with prosecutor arrived to the meeting. Intrigue.

It seemed like they found an unconstitutional norm in the law "On General Principles of Local Self-Government" about meetings. They passed some complicated procedure.

There were many residents. They came from Izhma and other villages of the Izhemsky district, everyone is vested with voting rights.

A resolution variant with social demands and suspension of drilling was announced at the outset of the discussion.

But the general tone of speakers (Komi-Izhemtsy) was tougher: Lukoil — go away! Why do we need water wells of Lukoil? Who will drink this water? Who will survive? Who will go to school, built on Lukoil money?

Oleg Terentyev: “Our swamplands were taken away…”

Svetlana Rocheva: "...You have earned billions of rubles in 16 years, and we — sick descendants..."

Ivan Semyashkin: "...you promised petrol for 3 rubles…"

Nadezhda Kaneva: "Who will drink this water? Who will go to this school?"

Chief of the administration of the Izhemsky district Igor Norkin: "I will not defend Lukoil"

I felt pain, sincere indignation, anger and reluctance to sell my native land — foster mother for "a pack of needles and fire water".

Sometimes I felt goose bumps on the skin and tears in my eyes. I think if someone was going to disrupt the meeting, he was just ware of doing this.

A good article on the presentations of participants of the meeting is here.

I think that at the end of the meeting the version of the resolution proposed by Save the Pechora Committee chimed with general mood of the participants. It is significantly that the head of the Izhemsky district administration voted FOR the resolution requirements. No one was neither against nor abstained.

Assembly passed both variants with the following combination of them.

May be the post is overloaded with photos, but I think that there was a historic event in Krasnobor and I would like to mention all the participants.

Well, a few sketches at conclusion.

A traditional transport of the Izhemsk settlements. Krasnobor

A school, where the current chairman of the Committee for the Salvation of Pechora Fyodor Fyodorovich Terentyev studied.

The Pechora сrossing near Shelyayur.

Temple in Izhma, waiting for better times.

Social advertising in Diyur, the Izhemsky district. Great! Isn’t it?

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