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Staff forgot to plant drugs on bar visitors

Антон Черепов
Антон Черепов
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The news with that title could be published by the drug enforcement press office on the results of the sensational raid in the Che Pay bar, which occurred just a few days ago, if its goal was the objective coverage of the department’s actions. In the event, the society has got from representatives of FDCS a classical portion of the “ear noodles” about anonymous appeals of vigilant citizens, polite drug police and macabre image, detected there.


Press service diplomatically said nothing about the illegally detained people, application of physical force and indiscriminate abuse of the police; it also didn’t lay emphasis on the final outcome of the check of 50 (!) bar visitors, forcibly brought for examination to drug dependence clinic. Let us recall that according to the results, only one visitor of all detainees used marijuana the other day.


After such an objective data it’s really difficult to make statements about available police’ grounds for mass detentions, because, in fact, to detain fifty adequate sober people for medical examination is a pure arbitrariness. Some victorious finds during the bar-check and searches of detainees could justify such action, but that didn’t happen. We can only assume that the officer responsible for the organization of evidence simply forgot about his job responsibilities. And that’s good that he forgot. Because if drugs appeared somewhere in someone's jacket lying on a table or in someone's opened pocket out of nowhere — it would be just impossible to prove something in court.


This thought clearly came to me after administrative (it’s a good thing that not criminal) trial of defenders Denis Shadrin and Arthur Abashev detained at the bar entrance. Their cases are a set of blueprint written police reports, reports on administrative offenses, executed many hours after the arrest and testimony of witnesses, copying reports the same way. In the case there are no current video, kept on-site by staff of three agencies involved in the raid, no records of watching cameras. It’s a separate issue with this video — here even the most hardened skeptic would believe in conspiracy theories, as it’s hard to explain the loss of all the videos at once, disappearance of watching cameras’ records and vacation of the FDCS press service member, who was filming the detention of human rights defenders, to Zelenodol'sk in the day of trial.


The last straw for me on the court was the examination of the only non-police witness, being identifying that day. This witness saw nothing, heard nothing, doesn’t remember if he was told about his duties as an identifying witness, doesn’t remember if he went to the police on Vorovskogo, 8 and agreed with this only after the presentation of documents signed by him, in particular a signature in the appointment of human rights defenders to health screening. I think the video of his responses could be a hit on Youtube, if judge didn’t ban camera shooting of the session.


It would be funny if it weren’t so sad. (Forgive my banality) As the only conclusion from all this situation is that human rights mean something exactly till the moment when they collide with interests of the authorities, supposed to protect these rights. The only reason why the story of the raid on the bar didn’t come to no good is the facts stated in the title.


Original: http://7x7-journal.ru/post/39678

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