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No more torture?

Дмитрий Егошин
Дмитрий Егошин
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Today I was in our town investigation department, pending an investigator I’ve heard a funny conversation. Field officers and the investigator discussed how to make a suspect talk. Apparently there is a problem with evidence and clearly lack of a sincere confession. They discuss that field officers should talk to him before the interrogation and try to come to a full confession. Maybe like that — no, it won’t do, let’s do it that way — also no good. We may get him by using that one. Etc. Suddenly someone proposed: “Pump him, perhaps?” Four voices: “No way! We won’t be able to can him. He will immediately run to the first-aid station. We’ll get tired to write back, to deal with a lawyer”. Well, the option “to pump” was brushed aside immediately. Cool.


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