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Police of Syktyvkar see no components of crime in the arson

Игорь Сажин
Игорь Сажин
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Today we received a letter from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Syktyvkar. Police haven’t seen any components of crime in the actions of a man in the hood, who set fire to the mat under the door of my apartment in the evening of February 12. That's it!


So if someone sets fire in an apartment building where a lot of people live, while no one have been hurt, it's okay, it 's not a crime — apparently it's a prank. The police will deal with these cases, unless there are bodies. And to set fire in residential doorways — it’s a trifle, and the criminal case is nowhere near.


They puzzled it out quickly. Thanks for efficiency. Now everything is clear. Citizens, protect yourself, your loved ones and your property. Police, sadly, don’t see components of crime in the actions of arsonists.


The police sent a very clear signal to arsonists, I suppose, — you can keep this up. I think that guys who burned 25 people in «Passazh» also started small.


I wonder, if someone set ​​a similar fire under the apartment door of the Head of the Republic of Komi, would he also receive a letter in 4 days — "no components of crime"?


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