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So is that what’s going on with us?

Игорь Бобраков
Игорь Бобраков
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Young guard from Yuzhno Sakhalinsk bursts into the church and arranges firing on the congregation. A few days earlier an excellent pupil of the Moscow school kills a geography teacher. Thirty-years-old lawyer shoots his colleagues, leaving pre-manifesto, where confesses to hatred of mankind. Young Russian guys accept Islam and become terrorists. I want to shout: what is going on with us! But this happens not only in Russia but in prosperous America, and in even more prosperous Norway.


In fact, this was before too. In the seventh grade of the Kishinev school, I had the occasion to sit at the same desk with a future murderer. A year later he coolly shot his older brother, sleeping peacefully on the couch, with a rifle that they both, fond of sports shooting, hid from their parents behind the cupboard.


After the shot, he went to the store where his mother stood in a queue for shopping, and as if nothing had happened said: "Mom, I’ve killed my brother there. Go and watch, and I'll stand in a queue instead of you."


These unmotivated murders must be handled by psychologists and social psychologist. I’ll give my dilettantish opinion.


Society has entered a post-industrial age. Changes occur rapidly, our conservative minds drop the ball. Of course, we master the Internet and mobile phones. But poorly understand that the latest technologies change the society, affect morale, and destroy the values ​that seem immutable. And it creates irritation  in people of middle-age and older, quite a natural desire to protect these values. But very often protection takes the form of aggression.


In Russia, any gay propaganda was not conducted, but a law on the prohibition of it among teens is already passed. No politician in our country didn’t stated on the need to legalize gay marriage, but ranging from masses to the patriarch, a wave against the not yet existing threat appeared. Millions of quite respectable citizens demanded to lock up "pussek" for a 15-second dance in the church (if some five drunken men did it, they would have just said: "Go, guys, sleep it off"). Equally respectable viewership and deputies demanded to ban the channel that just held a very unsuccessful opinion poll. And all this was done with hatred, which right-minded citizens themselves didn’t notice.


But hatred causes hatred, and aggression causes aggression. And not necessarily in those against whom it is directed. "Pussiki" got out of jail and not going to take revenge on anyone. Members of the "Dozhd" editorial at the initiative of the deputy Oksana Dmitrieva (not all the deputies are stupid and aggressive) met with the blockades, once again apologized to them and had a very good conversation.


But according to the law of conservation of energy, negative energy doesn’t disappear, it just takes out somewhere. For example, on the Internet (which is not so bad) or close people (directly or indirectly). Mature people mentality developed defense mechanisms. Psyche of young people, especially teenagers, is defenseless. It absorbs this energy, especially if it comes from parents and other elder close relatives.


And when it becomes too much of it in their souls, young people actually commit suicide while killing others.


We, the adults, must understand that we are all responsible for these terrible acts of young people. No soho don’t go away without a trace. Especially if it was expressed in the presence of children. Even worse, if it was directed to them. Good becomes less in the world, there are more and more evil. May be before we throw a stone to someone is it worth remembering what in this case advised to do the Christ?..


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